De-stressing with Korean Cosmetics eBay Finds

 Sometimes, I get restless. You see, I’m a worrywart. Sometimes, unfortunate things do really come my way, like today’s traffic mishap. My, I feel like I need major de-stressing. It’s either bingeing or shopping. Today, I decided to do both. (Good luck on my diet, I’m seriously running out of days to move it to.;-D) With shopping, I could be mostly low maintenance. Haha. ;-D I’m happy with my eBay wins and buy-it-now finds. ;-D

These are my latest eBay finds. ;-D 

I-love-SkinFood! ;-D Top right corner are mostly freebies. I love Bhappywithme! ;-D She’s based from my place, so I just pick up my purchases. My son used to go to the same school that her kids go to. (Feeling close!) Im mostly getting trial packs of the SkinFood Gold Caviar skin care lines, but my friend from Seoul happily agreed to get me the full sizes, but I’ll only get to meet up with her last week of December. I’m using trial packs for the mean time. I also did a reorder of the SkinFood Seaweed Waterproof Point Makeup Remover, they look very, very promising. ;-D I’m also curious to try out Missha. My friend has good words on the BB Cream. So I got mask sheet, and a trial pack of the BB Cream. Plus an upcoming item from Seoul. ;-D You ought to know by now, that I’m addicted to Korean Cosmetics, my recent hauls here, and here are halfway used. But oh well, I just cant stop. But so far, I’m pacified… for now. ;-D

How about you, any de-stressing channels? What’s your favorite Korean Brand? Please do tell. ;-D 


  1. Wow! That's a lot! 🙂 I love BB Creams too and my fav Korean Brand would be The Face Shop, I already tried almost all of their BB cream haha..but for now my favorite would be the HD the one with Gold Tube and Power Perfection – I'm not 100% sure of the name but it comes with the purple tube. Missha is a good one too, Missha perfect cover is my current BB cream. 🙂


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