November Chic & Sassy Commenter (C.S.M) ;-D

Thank you for the love. ;-D

Without further delay, I’m happy to announce my first ever C.S.M., Eliza Cristobal-Cruz. She left me countless comments on my blog posts for this month alone, same on my FB page. More than the quantity, she left me really memorable comments. Even to some of my Β  trivial postings. She just never faltered for cheering and supporting. πŸ˜€ I’ll send her these following loots. I hope she’s a JGS fan though. ;-D

Gift/Freebies for November CSM. ;-D

I know it’s midway that I launched the program. But I really do hope that I have more to give, because I really want to do a special mention to Clair of Prettification. She’s also one of the sweetest. She’s also one of my constant cheerer even before this campaign. I’ll come up with something, I hope I’ll see you in one of the coming events, so I can give it to you in person. Too bad about the Benefit, I couldn’t make a trip to Manila for it. ;-D

The program continues for December…but can I make a demandΒ request please, I would appreciate shares and RT too. Haha. ;-D I’ll post the loots at stake as soon as I finished shopping, and talking to some of the sponsors. Work in progress is my December 500 GFC Follower Giveaway/ Birthday giveaway, I’m really planning an exciting event for it, I’ll know by Monday next week, and will let you know asap. ;-D

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