Farmer Chase ;-D

I relish the fact that my 6 year old son, Chase, is taking a special tendre in growing plants. And I have his school to thank for that. ๐Ÿ˜€ In my heart, I know that he’s a bit bothered with all the calamities such as the the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan. He’s also well aware of that Mt. Pinatubo is something close at home. And experiencing a volcanic eruption is a reality for most of us. He actually asked me few days ago if trees can prevent lava flow. I told him, with much optimism, that in some way they can. So he really wanted to do his share of planting. He’s even asking for his own set of garden tools. ;-D But since we don’t really have our own garden per se, we told him that he can plant all he likes in his grandparents’ farm lots in the province, so his namesake Farmer Chase came about. ;-D

Chase marveling at the sights off a magnifying glass. ;-D Photo Credit: Preschoolville Official Photos
Chase goes to Preshoolville as a Prep (Kinder2) student. Last year, for the culminating activity of “Growing Plants” ย month, they went to Kapu Garden. And this was a photo taken of him holding a bromeliad. Haha. ;-D Caught in the act. Photo Credit: Teacher Rej

This time, they were asked to bring a plant for their “Green Day” celebration. We didn’t have a small potted plant, so we had to buy on our way to the school.

Coincidentally, he chose to get a baby bromeliad too, which sells for Php 100. ;-D
I grew up with my parents’ constant reminders that the only treasure they can leave us is a quality education. I have cherished this greatest treasure ever since. We are also committed in nurturing education to my son. But today more than ever, a greater calling to us as educators is the need to teach our children to be steward of nature’s gifts as well. A Greener Earth is our greatest legacy and inheritance to our children. It’s what should compels us foremost to work together to save the environment.

ย I’m thankful that he learns this earnestly in school too…and he’s having a mighty great time in doing so! ;-D
Chase is showing off keen interest in taking care of this plant. He reminds me to water it. I read that Bromeliad can thrive under normal household conditions, even by once a week watering. Mostly, just to also avoid bacteria and fungus build up.ย Or better yet, just to mist it with water frequently.ย The flower bud can last for about 4 months. I hope under Chase’s watchful eyes, it’ll live up that long. ;-D
ย It’s such a pretty plant, so I decided to depot it and grace our side table with it.ย I think it compliments the whole Christmas-y theme of Red and Green. ;-D.ย 

I think it looks Christmasy. Instead of getting Poinsettia, I might get a few more of the Bromeliads. ;-D


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