Leyende’s Real Benefits Campaign

I think I was in Grade 2 that I bought my first material gifts to my parents. It was a 4-pc drinking glass set, which was about Php 50. Ever since then, modesty aside, I love giving gifts. Through time, I try not to falter, although it varies depending on my monetary state.;-D But I truly save for the occasions of gift givings. It must be that higher reason, I dare not boast. Or it must be that I truly love shopping… be it for me, or others. ✌ But since we’re on that festive season, as we prepare to buy gifts for our family and friends, as individuals, we’re also invited to do our share of social responsibilities. It is said that the greatest of all mistakes is to do nothing because you can only do little, instead do what you can. As foremost a consumer in the commercial structure, we can do our share by supporting and patronizing companies and brands hinge on good causes. It’s on those immeasurable and random acts of kindness that we reap far better rewarding experience, IMHO. ;-D
I’m truly privileged to know another Proudly Filipino Made Brand in the name of Leyende on their recent Real Benefits Campaign Launch, which is geared toward Holiday Shopping Holiday on a new, socially-relevant dimension.
I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I’m not yet fully on board on “Buy Filipino Products” when it comes to my skin and beauty care regimen. So I will not pretend that I’m a reliable person to speak of Leyende brand just yet, although hopefully not for long. ;-D
From the Spanish word leyenda, meaning “legend” or “story,” Leyende is an emerging Filipino brand of handmade, natural and organic bath and body products following eco-friendly, artisanal principles.
As aforesaid, the event last Thursday, was to kickoff the Real Benefits Campaign.
Introducing Leyende’s Limited Edition Inspired Gifts for the Holidays…The Mother Butter Moisturizing Cocoa Butter Cream, The Beach Bomb Cologne, and The Clean Slate Multi-tasking Face Cleanser.
  • Mother Butter Cocoa Butter Body Moisturizer in Limited Edition Packaging with Crocheted Sleeve made from Recycled Plastic Bags 100mL sells for P450.00
    • Save a Mother, Save the Future! For every purchase of limited edition Mother Butter, you stave off stretchmarks and dry skin, and contribute P100 to help UNICEF’s Maternal and Neonatal Healthcare Program reach more expectant women in need from remote areas.
    • Beach Bomb Cologne in Limited Edition Packaging with Crocheted Wings Lariat 50mL sells for P450.00
      • The Sweet Scent of Freedom! For every purchase of limited-edition Beach Bomb cologne, the refreshing blend of aloe, vetiver and coconut essences lifts the spirits, knowing that P100 of it goes directly to the daily needs and rehabilitation costs of the residents of Marillac Shelter for Women.
    • Clean Slate Multi-tasking Face Cleanser in Limited Edition Packaging with Crocheted Waterdrop Phone Charm 100mL sells for P450.00 
      • Wash away ignorance! For every purchase of limited edition Clean Slate Multi-tasking Face Cleanser that cleanses skin without overdrying or stripping off natural oils, you donate P100 to the Project H.OU.S.E. College Fund, which is going to sponsor the education of at-risk, out-of-school youth who undergo work-study program with Messy Bessy worry-free, ecofriendly household cleaners.
    I’m using the Mother Butter Cocoa Butter Cream, and I love it. It reminds me a bit of Palmer’s, which I was an avid user during my pre/post pregnancy days. Only, this one is way better in terms of lingering scent, minus the grease. Plus, it’s organic, and all natural. Seriously, Mother Butter is love…so lightweight! ;-D So for the past days and nights, I’m lavishly applying it all over, hoping for some kind of miracle that it’s not too late, and I can still do something on my unsightly stretch marks. Or just indulge in sweet scented and moisturized state all throughout. ;-D
    So I’m compelled to try more. Trivial, but I love the black and white artwork theme too. Of course, I’m for one in supporting this campaign, so expect my gifts to be something of this kind. ;-D 

    About Leyende

    The company’s integrity and dedication to high quality resulted in using only premium, certified natural and organic components for Leyende products. Leyende’s key ingredients are certified and/or approved by ECOCERT, an internationally-recognized, impartial certifying authority based in France with headquarters in over 80 countries worldwide.  

    In 2008, Leyende was included in the book 50 Must-Buys in Manila edited by Michael Salientes (top stylist and former art director of Details magazine) and Janina Dizon Hoschka (jewelry designer).  

    Our products are especially favored among young professionals, the artistic community, eco-conscious homemakers and international community. Through our quality natural and organic products, we strive to represent the Philippines (and Filipino companies in general)  positively and professionally in the global scene. 

    Layenda is the brainchild of awarded poet and freelance writer, Ms. Neva Kares Talladen (on the leftmost in gray/black top). Together with other Leyende’s ambassadors, they talk on the rewarding experience of Layenda.
    Thank you so much for Leyende’s Team for having me. It’s a pleasure meeting you all. ;-D
    For more details…visit Leyende on their official website and/or FB page. ;-D


    1. Hi sis! Yes, true it's my first time to hear it then before the event. I love their portfolio. Only it's a bit high end than Human Heart. :)) Please support me when I decide to resell soon. 🙂


    2. aww sayang, you were there pala! I was invited to this event but work got in the way. I was also impressed with their campaign, I hope they'll make it big 🙂


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