More Nature Republic Finds

Before I head out adding more beauty care products in my to review list, I’ll do a run through of some of the Nature Republic lovelies that I’ve been using for the past several days. Included in my media kit are Morning Fruits Green Grape Body Lotion and Peach Shower Gel. Also, included in my haul is the Microfiber Cleansing Glove.

Nature Republic Morning Fruits Body Lotion and Shower Gel Collection

  • Nature Republic Morning Fruits Green Grape Body Lotion

Morning Fruits Green Grape Body Lotion 150ml 
Product Description: Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion for mild peeling. 
Swatch. I love the lingering scent and moisturizing it provides, minus the heavy and greasy feel. Although, I personally like to apply lotions/body creams on damp skin to better lock in the moisture. On the mild peeling part, I’ve been using it for quite some time, but I haven’t really noticed any peeling per se. Except if it’s suppose to clear away dry flaky skins, which is fortunately not applicable to me. Overall, I’m going for the scent and the moisturizing benefits.
I’m not sure how much it sells for in the store, I will update this asap, but I just have a drawback on the packaging. The snap-on flip top cap doesn’t really close. It’s best sitting on a vanity, than risk leaks. 

Overall, it’s a more affordable alternate to US Brands (Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret) lotions, while reaping both lingering scents and moisturizing benefits. It’s a plus that it’s made of natural fresh fruit extracts. ;-D And you know me, #I-love-everything-Korean! Will I repurchase? Since I have another scent to compare it with (Peach), I’m keener to go for the latter.

  • Nature Republic Morning Fruits Peach Shower Gel
Nature Republic Morning Fruits Peach Shower Gel 150 ml…The rush to do this post is because I’m almost out of it.
Peach is for brightening the skin…Although, it’s usually more of dramatics, I just wish they can be more specifics on the product features. 
Swatch…luxurious Peach scented lustrous pearl formula. This must be the brightening/luminous effect rooted on. 😀
I’m not really a fan of Peach-scented products, because I find that the scent of the Peach variants of most of the products I tried, a bit overwhelming, even dizzying at times. But I find out later, that others if they don’t come out too strong, Peach is just love! ;-D Although, the scent doesn’t linger long on my body, hence I wanted to compliment and to reinforce it by getting a matching lotion. But the scent does linger longer at the bathroom, as in. It’s like having an air freshener too. ;-D 
As aforesaid, the packaging is also a drawback. It’s that snap-on flip top cap again. But this comes out more bothersome, unlike the lotion, which has a thicker formula, the shower gel tends to leak if you keep it sitting by its cap. So I ended up letting it stand top down. And after a while, the whole tube packaging tends to lose its shape…it gets crimped overtime. 
Overall, I love the scent it leaves me (or more of the bathroom’s ;-D). There’s not noticeable irritations too. I also enjoy the rich lathers since I used it with a bath mesh pouf. Will I repurchase? Albeit the packaging mishaps, I love the scent and the nourishing effects, so yes. ;-D My workaround is to just let it stand by its top. 
  • Nature Republic Microfiber Cleansing Gloves (Face Mitt)
Sells for less than Php 150+
New/Unused.Front. Can fit four fingers. 
Used several times. I’m a fan of everything micro-fiberish. ;-D This one doesn’t disappoint. 
I love to exfoliate. This one does it softly and gently. Although, some innovations tells of a microfiber that can use to cleanse the face soapless, I’m not sure that this is on of them. But what I do, is apply my facial wash, then just reinforce the cleaning, exfoliating, even massaging effect with a damp microfiber face mitt. The best news ever, I use it to remove my usual troublesome heavy eye makeup. I soak it with my cleansing oil, much like using cotton pads, then use it to swipe to the eyes. I get that cleaner, but rubbing/tagging less feel and effect afterwards. Of course, it gets out black and dirty. I then just wash it with my facial wash a la laundering it. Tada! Back to its pristine condition. So yes, I’m in love with this. 
Posted this on my FB page…my cosmetic-free, freshly cleansed look. ;-D
This time, I’m feeling festive, so I applied it over red nail color. ;-D
My detailed post of NR Color Waltz including base, main, and top coat can be found here.
I have more Nature Republic items left untried. ;-D I’ll be back for more. 
If you missed my earlier post on NR, Nature Republic is now available in the Philippines. Visit three of their existing stores in Festival Mall, SM North Edsa, and the newly inaugurated, SM Fairview. For more updates, and seasonal promotions, please follow them on their FB Page. 😀 In fact, they have their first ongoing online contest. Please do check it out. ;-D

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