Review: SkinFood Red Orange Sun Pact

I’m so into sunscreens lately. I’m not getting any younger, hence, I’m compelled to really double dose my usage of anti-aging products, and one of the basic step is incorporating SPF’s in my skincare routine, which takes on both aesthetic and health considerations. Since I’m a fan of SkinFood, naturally I had to get something from them that comes with a high dosage of SPF. Included in my recent Korean Cosmetic haul is the Red Orange Sun Pact.

This is yet again another pretty packaging from SkinFood. The Red Orange Sun Pact sells for 15,000+ KRW in Seoul. It’s the most expensive item on my shopping list

Let me write down what’s on the label…A nutrition of food getting applyied (seriously, SkinFood I love you, it pains me to see this, so I hope you do something about this) in soft texture with real natural ingredients.

Red Orange Sun Pact SPF 50+ PA+++ is a clear type Sun Pact containing orange extracts which help to create a bright and lively skin tone, along with a new kind of sebum-absorbing powder which helps keep a fresh skin by removing shine-induing sebum. 
This is again going for the win…comes with a soft puff (although I’m not really using the enclosed puffs since I prefer to use my ever-reliable Body Shop Blusher/Powder brush) and a plastic lid separator, for that hygienic usage all through out. 
It’s again another orangey print embossed on the pact…love the intricacy of details. ;-D

Recommended Usage: To Use, give a smooth tapping massage around your skin with the enclosed puff, and reapply to areas which produce sebum secretion as often as possible to give a fresh finish.


  • It comes with a fresh citrusy scent. 
  • No breakouts.
  • Comes with an ultra fine powder for a sheer and lightweight finish. 
  • Proven shine-control, leaves matte finish.
  • SPF 50+ PA++ is just love. 


  • It’s on the pricey side, even from Seoul. I checked in SkinFood shop here, they don’t have this line yet. 
  • You really have to use it on outdoor soirees, because although it talks of translucent shade since there are no shade options, it doesn’t completely. Otherwise, it’s your typical baby-powder-on-face look if you wear in indoor to set your BB cream or foundation. At least, it reminds me of high school before I ever got hold of a face powder. Although, under the sun, it looks natural. In my opinion, it’s best used over BB Cream or foundation. More so, as a workaround to a BB Cream that is on a darker shade than recommended, at least to even out the final shade.
If you use it by itself, it leaves a baby-powdered finish.;-D It must be that high SPF level. Since, I drop/pick up my son to school everyday, and most often than not, I just stay in the car, I don’t mind using it by itself. Just to get some UVA rays protection, which is the culprit in accelerating the aging process.
Overall, as aforesaid, I don’t mind using it on a daily basis on my usual dress down days. But I’m definitely saving it for my upcoming beach/outdoor escapades. Although, if I’ll be staying  indoors, a la malling, I’m best to use a sun cream or Luview’s One Touch Brush Sun Powder with a translucent finish for my SPF double dose.


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