Accessorize Bag Love ;-D

This is yet another I-love-everything-about-something post! ;-D I’m such an avid fan of Accessorize. Theatrics aside, I have my novelized posts of my shopping soirees to speak of such zealous fondness of the brand. So it was with great delight that I was able to join its “All About Bags” party. And the bag I took home was love at first sight.;-D

Love! ;-D
See Mine! It’s that far out and hardly visible, but I handpicked it amongst a couchful of Accessorize bags. ;-D
The bag is versatile in so many aspects, and for me, that’s a big plus…function, design, size, space, and price too. This Shimmer Gym Bag, can go to a casual everyday bag, to a weekender bag by simply unclasping the buttons on both sides. Both a MacBook and iPad can fit in it too! Seriously! I was rushing, and since both my Apple lovelies have extra protective cases on both of them anyhow, I just quickly put them in it, and I was all set. Truly such a steal!Β 
It’s not just pretty on the outside, its stars patterned fabric inner lining makes it extra special too…a Star, so to speak! ;-D
These accents, mean the world to me… For a usual no frills like yours truly, and even fashion-challenged at times, Accessorize is my window to everything Alluring, Chic, Colorful,Β Extraordinary, Sophisticated, Sassy, Opulent, Regal,Β Ingenious, Zesty, Exciting, which aptly synthesize to Accessorize! You ought to know by now, I-LOVE-everything-Accessorize. ;-D

Few days left to join the Accessorize “All About Bag Sale” craze. “All Bout Bags” features season collection bags at 50% discount and it includes some new arrivals that will go back to regular price after the sale period. This is the Accessorize way of showing appreciation to all its loyal fans for the past three years since Accessorize first opened its doors to the Philippine market. Shop now. ;-D

FollowΒ Accessorize Philippines on Facebook, and onΒ Twitter, for more details and seasonal contests and promotions.


  1. Your post sounds so enticing that I want to drop them a visit one of these days… You see, I am not much of an accessorize fan hehe… Maybe there is something for me there? Lol


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