So guilty, I’m an avid online shopper! ;-D I’m still lucky and grateful that I earn PayPal credits from some of my publishing works. So I have the luxury to splurge from time to time on online retail therapy. I appreciate the added convenience of having to pay via PayPal too. I make it a point to buy from sellers who accepts this as mode of payment, or other online payment options, just to enjoy the whole e-commerce luxe shopping comforts.

This just came in today! 😀 A delightfully big box from Shopinas.com’s seller. 
I shop at eBay and Multiply. Although, I’m more well versed on the ins and outs of eBay since I’ve done some selling stints too. But, Multiply shopping is something I’m beginning to get used to, I love the ease of their shopping cart and the added PayPal payment options. And sometimes, instead of cashing out, which will cost me about Php 300++ (Php 250 from BPI Bank Charge + Php 50 from PayPal Charge), I just volunteer to shop for my friends and sister. Anyhow, one of the sponsors of Blogapalooza, which I joined a while back is Shopinas.com. If you’re a PBA fan, you’ve probably heard of them because of Shopinas Clickers.  Shopinas is another e-shopping site. Much to my delight, I was able to enjoy a Php 1000 GC for my first Shopinas e-shopping experience. 
Dynamic and fresh, Shopinas is a one-of-a-kind online shopping portal tailor-fit for Filipinos here and across the globe. Connecting merchants and shoppers, Shopinas provides a fun, convenient, and secure online marketplace where anyone can buy and sell a gamut of wares: from shoes, bags, accessories, personal care products to the latest gadgets.
Sample Stores/Sellers on Shopinas…I would have to say, there are still pretty few shopping options on Shopinas. I actually went through each on of them to really maximize my complimentary shopping.
I came across one seller, Barat Mode, I wanted to get makeup brushes that would be useful and would satisfy me for the mean time, since I’m still saving for my dream makeup brushes. I’m not really convinced that what she has listed will not prompt me to do another round of shopping later, so I searched on eBay. I found out that she sells there too. I love doing e-commerce because most often than not, you really run into professional and friendly sellers. I requested if she can list it in Shopinas too. She did. ;-D
I don’t really mind paying extra than my Php 1K GC. ;-D Although, the shipping and handling is really on the high side. As in! 😦 I learned afterwards, that Air21 provides the sellers with box, instead of pouches, and they do the pick up of the items. This works on an advantage to the seller. But works against the buyer’s high shipping fee rate. Although, in the end, it guarantees that your item will be delivered to you. ;-D 
Shopinas Payment options are BancNet, Credit Card, GC, PayPal. 
But there’s a glitch, they don’t accept multiple payment options, which in my case I needed since my GC Credits is for 1K only. My options is to buy more GC Credits via PayPal to Shopinas (but I would be charged a certain fee) or do bank deposit. I’m not really keen on going to the bank. I’m truly thankful for the commendable customer service of Shopinas and the seller all throughout. The workaround was the seller to adjust the buying price on Shopinas, and just pay her the balance on eBay. I have to say that since I’ll be paying only Php 380 for a really good product so I din’t mind the added steps on this supposedly easy peasy online shopping. 
Tada! In that big box is my first EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Brush and Bag Set plus a freebie of Someday by Justin Bieber. 
Here’s my Shopinas shopping experience in a nutshell…
  • Shopinas offers commendable customer service via Twitter and FB. All through out, I was able to enjoy almost real time feedback and assistance to all my queries. 
  • Secure shopping? Yes! ;-D Because Shopinas takes care of the shipping per se, they pick up the items from the seller.
  • The site looks simple, but in a way, you have to go through each store, and just hit back to Shopinas main site. 
  • They need to improve on shipping cost…the higher value of the item, the higher the shipping rate. It’s not the case on other e-shopping sites. Either it’s standard per area, or they even offer free shipping. Although, you can consider it as a premium shipping rate because of the added guarantee to the buyer’s side. 
  • There are not much items you can buy just yet. Some sellers have five or lesser items listed. It might be a factor of people shying away from buying because of the shipping rate. Or it might be just specific to me because I mostly just buy Korean cosmetics, ;-D and they don’t have them yet on their listings.
Overall, it’s a relatively good e-shopping experience. But you have to discount the fact that I’m almost shopping for free, so I really didn’t mind the added steps on dealing with the seller. In the same way, I don’t really want to be importunate to the seller too. Because as much as possible, the transactions should be electronically free flowing and integrated all throughout. Although, I don’t think I’m really a certified online shopaholic yet because I haven’t braved buying international. What I do, is to just ask friends to shop for me instead… my workaround! ;-D I’m still working my ways to really save on shipping fees just to really enjoy a feel good online deal. So you see a volatile shipping rate is one of my pet peeve. Although, if you have some hesitations or previous bad experience, the security that in a way Shopinas guarantees, such that your item will truly reach you, is worthy of a premium shipping rate. On the seller’s perspective, I think Shopinas also offers a pretty good platform. It’s worth looking into. Anyhow, registration is free. ;-D 
For the mean time, I’m grateful to Shopinas for the complimentary e-shopping experience! 
Happy with my new toys! ;-D EcoTools 5-Pcs Brush and Bag Set ;-D 
About Shopinas.com…
Founded in May 2010, Shopinas is one of Air Global 21 Inc.’s flagship projects. This integrated, end-to-end e-commerce platform is optimized to cater specifically to the needs of micro to small medium businesses based in the Philippines. In this site, merchants get to customize their online store-front according to the look they want for their brands. Here, both merchants and buyers are guaranteed of a secure payment gateway, a reliable and efficient logistic solutions, all within the ease of a user-friendly interface.
Owned/operated by: Air 21 Global 
President and CEO :  Sheila Lina Office 
Address : Cargohaus Bldg., Old Mia Road., Brgy. Vitalez, Paranaque City 1700 Philippines
Telephone Nos. : 632.879.4512 
Email : support@shopinas.com 

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