FitFlop™ Gogh makes me Happy!

HAPPY much! ;-D

FitFlop™ Happy Gogh in Black Bean and Poppy Red. ;-D Love, love, love! I want more!!!

Ever since, I learned that owning 10 pairs of FitFlop is not a bit extraordinary, I made it my secret quest to do just that. Although, I’m still far behind (see here my modest FitFlop haul), but I hope to get there someway, some day… of course with hubby treating, and some complimentary! ;-D I’m seriously preventing myself to advance my Anniversary, Christmas, and Birthday gift to complete the colors of Happy Gogh.

For the fashion forward (or just the fun) our shiny HAPPY GOGH™ teams the’cool’ of a clog with the magic of our muscle-toning Microwobbleboard™ midsole. In soft patent leathers with rock-chick studs around the edge, it’s comfy, quirky and classic.

They were on SALE few weeks ago at Php 2400+, they didn’t have my size so I asked to be wait listed at ResToeRun Marquee Mall Branch. Out of sheer luck, or twist of fate, they didn’t have them until yesterday. And now, they’re even priced lower, P1500. Super best buy! ;-D I’ll save my ravings for later. But I’m really dreaming of getting more shades, but I have to get a hold of myself. Or just get a DASH of happiness next time. ;-D This is yet again I-love-everything-about-something! Haha! ;-D

For more details, and seasonal promotions, please visit FitFlop™ Ph or ResToeRun on Facebook. ;-D


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