SkinFood Black Egg Pore Foundation No1

It’s more of a whim than a need that I decided to get the SkinFood Black Egg Pore Foundation. It’s a line that’s recommended to my sister during her recent Malaysian Trip. I tried it, and I liked it. So I made sure to include it in my not so recent Korean Cosmetics haul. ;-D

SkinFood Black Egg Pore Foundations sells for 13,000 KRW (about $12). 
 Product Description: A pore-smoothing foundation with a mousse texture that immediately melts on the skin and turns into a velvety matte finish while imparting flawless coverage for enlarged pores and fine wrinkles. Your skin will look as smooth and firm as a freshly hard-boiled egg white.
I have it in No 1 shade. I’ve been using it for a while now. It comes with a mousse texture that blends easily and has realized sebum/oil control.

Although, I don’t really have oversized pores to begin with, but I’m still clamoring for a poreless finish. Vain alert!? Not really, more of I-love-everything-korean! ;-D So I also got hold of the Tony Moly’s Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm few months ago, which is a primer and promises similar results. The recommended Black Egg Series routine includes the primer, then the foundation and/or BB Creams. Although,it works too, to just use this as a primer to BB cream, depending on the need and the occasion. Or just use it by itself.

The brush comes with amazingly soft, but still dense and tough synthetic bristles, enough to buff for precise and flawless application. It can be detached, but I prefer to use it enclosed with the lid, like in the picture. Because of it’s small size, it can be pretty uncomfortable. Using it with the lid is a better workaround. Again, it’s the nice brush that comes with it, that out of whim, I coveted to get one for myself too. ;-D
Swatch. One dip provides great pigmentation already. What I do is to dot it on 5 areas, forehead, nose, chin, both cheeks. Then apply it in a circular motion, swirling it around to achieve the promised poreless,velvety matte finish. ;-D


  • The brush. ;-D
  • It’s handier, well at least than Tony Moly’s Egg. 
  • Truly, velvety matter and poreless finish, and sebum control.
  • I use it as a makeshift eye primer. Well, until I get devoted eye primers. ;-D
  • No breakouts.
  • The coverage is light to medium, not that I need that much.
  • When you open it, and while applying it, there’s a slight rubbery scent, although it will dissipate once it settles on the skin.
  • It tends to cake or to cling on dry areas. I had some moments of dryness on my nose. The workaround is to over moisturize on those areas. ;-D
Overall, it will work best to oily or to moisturize skin. I always think that I’m on the oily side, hence, I was surprised (and even disappointed at some point) to still get flaking and caking, on the sides of my nose while using it.The SkinFood SA’s in Malaysia suggested that my sister used a Peach Sake BB Cream over it, so depending on your outing type (indoor, outdoor, sunny, humid, A/C, et al.), you can layer it with other BB Cream, relative to your skin type, then set it off with a pact or loose powder. But by itself, it’s also nice. 


  1. How cute is that? A foundation in an egg packaging!Thanks for reviewing. I was thinking if application via finger renders the finish as good as using the brush. I'm a bit hesitant to dip brushes on mousse-type products… force of habit lang siguro na when i get mousse stuff, i use my fingers to dig into it 😀


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