I remember being delightfully proud of my birthstone. I always think of it as something unique from all birthstones since most of them are actually glittery except for Turquoise.  Although, I later learned of Blue Topaz as an alternate. At a young age, I was sort of being competitive against my sister, who has an Emerald for a birthstone. Without really knowing the beauty of Turquoise back then, I created a world of grandeur surrounding its whereabouts. And later, I learned that truly it is such a wonderful gemstone to behold. ;-Since blue is also my birth month’s color, I’m also a fan of everything blue. ;-D  I made it a point to mix and match blue accessories. Albeit, I still have a tendre for the green blue variety color of Turquoise. 

I had time to play around with Picnik. Here’s my blue love. ;-D Mostly from Accessorize, Avon, SM, H&M, and bazaars. My recent bracelet is from ForMe. 

December Birthstone poem – the Turquoise “If cold December gave you birth The month of snow and ice and mirth Place on your hand a turquoise blue Success will bless whatever you do.”

I got this pair of earrings from the souvenir shop at Hoover Dam. 😀
This is my latest find from ForMe. I bought tops and jeans last time, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw this. ;-D From Php 300, it was on Sale for Php 88. Winner! ;-D
It’s faux Turquoise Bracelet. Love, love, love it. ;-D

Turquoise is so named because it was initially brought to Europe by way of Turkey. This stone is one of the first gems to be used in jewelry.  Turquoise was considered by ancients to be a sacred stone, protective against all manners of evil and ill health. It is said that a gift of Turquoise represents friendship and luck.

I just really have a thing for collecting, better yet, for loving-everything-about-something! 😀 Do you share the same fondness of your birth stone? Or some grand obsessive compulsiveness to collect, like I usually do? Please do share. ;-D


  1. OMG! I just finished and scheduled a post on turquoise-y stuff! well, it's nail color stuff, but still… haha, ang galeng lang.I love this color, too! All the more, accessories that are in this shade. :)Ang daya your ForMe bracelet — 88 petot???!!! Such a steal, Des!


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