Nature Republic Petit Cherry Rouge (Updated)

Oh well, what can I say…E.X.C.I.T.E.D is the word! I really can’t help but try out most items on my recent Nature Republic haul. Here to share my latest finds.

Nature Republic Petit Cherry Rouge Lines came highly recommended. If not for that, I’m really not into lipsticks. Because I’m so into something else…matte lip creams.ย ;-D It’s been a while since I used cream-based lipsticks. Thank goodness I listened. ;-D
The Petit Cherry Rouge sells for very reasonable price at Php 220. When I swatched them at the store, I was wowed! I couldn’t remember how pretty lipsticks are.

But there’s a slight overlooked on my part. I was rushing. I didn’t notice that they have sort of different types…Glossy, High Color, Moisture, and Creamy (although I’m not sure about the latter since I just quickly tried everything). For starters, I got neutrals, red, and pink shades.

Nature Republic Petit Cherry Rouge G09 Glossy Beige. At first, I didn’t think I can pull off a pale shade. But on my second attempt, it worked out! ๐Ÿ˜€ Yay!ย I’m not really into nude shades, but this one is a keeper. Love it! ;-Dย 
On me: Skin Food Black Egg Pore Foundation no 1/ Skin Food Gold Caviar Moist Brightening Powder Ball No 2/ Eyes: Nature Republic Pretty Tree Wood Liner No 3 (Blue)/ Skin Food Pearl Creamy Under Eye Pencil No 3/ Lips: Lashem Double Trouble Mascara/ Nature Republic Petit Cherry Rouge Glossy Beige G09/ NYX Lip Liner in 849 Beige
Love, love, love this! So finally, the day came that I’m so into red lippies. With nothing (no BB, eye makeup, blush even) but lipstick, I actually braved a trip to the supermarket with it. Photo taken flash off.;-Dย 
Nature Republic High Color H20, for the win! ;-D True to its High Color feature, it’s so pigmented and great coverage too. It’s as close to my beloved NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo. I owe you a better photo documentation though. ;-D
Nature Republic Petit Cherry Rouge M23 Pink. Albeit my ravings for the previous shades, I’m a bit half hearted about this one. ย I owe you a better documentation since I can’t pull off a good one of it.


  • They don’t dry out my lips. I don’t even need to use lip balms under or over.
  • Love their scentย 
  • Handy and no-frills packaging
  • Sell for very friendly price
  • Almost feels lightweight
  • Lasting power -To all three shades, I had to take a meal with them on, it’s pretty much what’s expected on lipsticks, except for the specialized types, you really need to do some touch ups. But I noticed a different level for each. The High Color needs the least touch ups, I can actually pull off without reapplying. There’s also minimal transfer to my utensils, and glass. Although, this can’t hold true for the Pink shade. It seems I’m not a fan.ย 

I’m having some drawbacks for Pink M23:

  • I’m not sure if this is the right term, but it gets a bit cakey, it could be a function of my impulse to apply and to reapply because I can’t get a good coverage/finish.
  • Lastly, either those aforesaid, or I’m now thinking more of a Pinkish shade like Jinkee Pacquiao’s lippies during the controversial Pacquiao and Marquez Fight, that’s why I’m not sold on this shade of pink. I’ll look for a screen cap of it to show you. I swear it reminds me of Addis Ababa. ;-Dย 

Overall, it’s an oversight that I didn’t notice the variants. It must be also that I’m outdated with the current lipsticks technology, since I’ve been out of touch with cream based lipsticks for so so long. I’m always a lip balm/gloss at heart. But, I’m so loving the offering of the High Color line, soย I’ll definitely check out the pink shades from the Nature Republic Petit Cherry Rouge High Color specifically shades H14 and H19. Looking online, they’re just The Pink that I’m lusting for. I’m not really into pink lippies, it’s actually more of my sister’s shade, but Jinkee just really convinced me. ;-D

Get to know more of Nature Republic by visiting its FB Page. ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. I would love to get my hands on more Petit Cherry Rouge boxes! I currently adore H20, the pigmentation is at par with prestige brand lippies, donchathink????I love your blog btw! Glad to have stumbled upon it via NR's facebook ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. hi again Ms. Des, i guess the shades all look good on your lips, it's just that the lip liner that you used is a bit off the shade of the lipstick, thus making a sort of division between the liner and the lipstick itself. ๐Ÿ˜‰ i saw these cute little lippies in the store but i didn't buy any since i've recently hauled nyx lippies. ;D btw, does nature republic have a website. i hope to try the high color lippies some other time. thanks for this post! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Awww…thanks! :)) The red is really for the win. or it might be the whole High Color line. @Iamkurn: Hi Karen, true, it might be that. But I'm just missing the full lip matte cream's coverage. :))


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