NOTD: Nature Republic Color Waltz and Style Lean Nail

Naturally, I couldn’t help myself from trying out most of the items from my recent Nature Republic haul. I was in luck, because our friendly neighborhood manicurist was available to do my nails yesterday morning.

I’m such an eager beaver that I wanted to use all of them at the same time…Nature Republic Color Waltz Nail Polish in BL502 and Style Lean Nail in SRD 501.
At the SM Fairview opening, one of the promotion is if you get 3 Nail Colors, you get a resealable Jang Geun Suk pouch. ;-D Color Waltz sells for Php 65 each.ย 
Nature Republic Color Waltz Base Coat in Pink, Top Coat in Blue, BL 502. Regardless of shades, both the base and top coat are colorless when applied.ย 
Nature Republic Color Waltz in BL502 is a metallic ultramarine to navy blue shade. It is really pigmented. One swipe is all you need.ย 
Nature Republic Style Lean Nail in SRD 501. When applied by itself, it leaves a pinkish base with the glitters. It sells for Php 200.
I love the intricacy of details. ;-D
I decided to get this shade first, because I can have the option to wear it by itself, or layer it with other colors. I love the glittery accessorized effect…jewelry on my hands! ;-D Glitters are in silver, with dusts and hexagons for that 3D effect. They provide a vibrant glitzy finish, for instant nail art effect. There are other shades available for base color. I’ll be sure to try them out soon. ;-D
On my nails…base coat, then the main shade which is BL 502, then SRD 501, lastly, the top coat. Since the main shade, Color Waltz, is very pigmented, it makes the whole finish thinner for relatively stronger finish.ย 

Overall, the Color Waltz are best buys. The pigment is really good, with a vibrant finish. Best of all, they sell for a very friendly price of Php 65. I was able to enjoy a 20% off discount, so their like about Php 50++. For the win! ;-D My manicurist has her share of ravings…great brush for precision application, and they’re pleasantly scented without the strong fumes. As for the ultimate chip challenge, they did withstand my opening and peeling off seals from most of my purchases. They survived contact to planed surfaces. But after two days, some are already showing signs of chipping. But no worries,ย in terms of how long they can staying chip-free,ย this isย still relatively better than my nail polishes within the same price range. Heads up though, the color is really pigmented, it really needs precise application. Unlike with glittery finish where uneven strokes stay unnoticeable, this is a shade that if otherwise you’re not really well versed in d.i.y. application like yours truly, it can end up pretty challenging, even messy. Haha! ;-D I’m grateful of affordable manicure services. ๐Ÿ˜€ As for the Lean Nail Color, glitters are a bit hard to remove, you really need a good nail polish remover, and some help from a pusher (I recommend a wooden nail pusher) to completely clear them out. Will I repurchase? Most definitely…foreseeing a growing stash of them very soon. ;-D

Nature Republic is now available in the Philippines. Visit three of their existing stores in Festival Mall, SM North Edsa, and the newly inaugurated, SM Fairview. For more updates, and seasonal promotions, please follow them on their FB Page. ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. Super love the one I got. It's the brown one with gold microshimmers. Parang sheer yung unang coating pero ok na after a second coat. tama lang ๐Ÿ™‚ it's not a dark brown. now i want to try the glittery nail polish because of your post!


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