Tous les Jours Everyday in the Philippines *Picture Heavy*

Tous les Jours, meaning “everyday”, is a Korean-based bakery cafe offering unique selection of French-Asian baked goods and drinks. They have more than 1000 stores/franchise worldwide. And finally, they’ve arrived! Last November 11, or the famed 11.11.11 at 11 am, they inaugurated their flagship branch at The Block of SM North Edsa. As always, I’m delighted to be part of the celebration. Theatrics aside, there’s so many elements to love and to rave. First off, more than speaking Korean, I actually have a better chance of speaking French, unbelievable but I actually devoted 2 years learning the language, and the fact that unlike my beloved South Korea, I actually went to France. Second of all, after all that has been said and done, I love sweets and carbo. ;-D And lastly, but certainly not the least, I’m such a big Hallyu fan, and seeing those Korean Pâtissiers (real or in costume?! indulge my curiosity, please do tell! ;-D) is like relieving a drama scene. *Swoon!* 

Pâtissiers at work. Tous les Jours lives by its commitment on serving only fresh baked bread. Fresh Bakery, Fresh Everyday. Their symbol of a mom on her bicycle after picking up freshly baked breads, and on her way home to feed a loving family, is also aptly showcased (minus the mom…that must be me! ;-D) at the photo wall during the opening event. 
Tous les Jours Philippines opens its first store at the ground floor of The Block, SM North Edsa, adjacent to the Hypermarket. 

I have to say, that after sampling, and just even eyeing their delectable offerings, I now have a higher bar set on my expectations of pastries, breads, and cakes. 😀 Fawning aside, we, as in my very picky son, totally adores the goodies I took home from the opening event. ;-D It’s one of those coveted moments that my son had to actually say “more, please!”, and it’s all because of those Asian Buns from Tous Les Jours. I just can’t wait to let them try out the cakes from Tous Les Jours. And happily, November and December are months where we have much to celebrate, and a cake from Tous les Jours would definitely make them extra special. Not to preempt the opening event, here’s a teaser of their cake offerings. ;-D

Love, Love, Love! Je T’adore! Tous les Jours offers variety of Cloud Cakes, Tiramisu, Mousse, Butter Cream, and Gift Cakes. At a very friendly price. ;-D
Guests, several of whom are Koreans, joined the opening event.  
Tous les Jours Management Team with Master Patissier Kim Dong Min
The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was led by the Management of Tous les Jours Philippines. That’s also actor Jake Vargas. ;-D
Then it was time to sample their delectable treats. Guess who’s the guy in blue who dropped by? ;-D
The works. ;-D
Ooh la la! Je T’aime! …will surely be back for this! ;-D
Wow! ;-D Strawberry Inspiration Cake by Tous les Jours. Gâteau jolies! ;-D
Drinks Selection. Even the water is from Jeju. Haha, please indulge my capriciousness. ;-D I also tried that drink, which is edamame, I surmise.
Bon Appétit! Demure effect.
Kiss Strawberry. This one sealed the deal… for the win! ;-D Ce gâteau est délicieux! ;-D

Next best part…photo opportunities! ;-D

He’s that guy in blue. haha! ;-D …with Mr. German Moreno “Kuya Germs” . Showbiz. He came with Jake Vargas. 
Awww… ;-D
Seriously…is he for real?! 😀
Not one, but three of Korean Pasty Chefs! ;-D 

The other next best part…;-D

Freebies…ala Press Kits. ;-D Coffee Mug and Asian Buns, Croissants, and Muffins. Seriously, we finished everything! 😀 I had the Sesame Buns for breakfast with my son. We love everything. So a visit to Tous les Jours is now in order! ;-D

Merci Beaucoup to Tous les Jours Philippines for having me. ;-D

About Tous les Jours

“Tous Les Jours” brand was launched in Korea in 1996 to give consumers a totally satisfying bakery experience. It launched an on-site production system for each franchise, which guarantees the quality of our fresh, delectable cakes made from the finest ingredients.

For more details, visit Tous les Jours Philippines official FB Page. 😀

P.S. I’ll post more pictures on my FB page. ;-D


  1. I have never tried any korean food/drinks except for my so-palpak-kimchi xDPlease join my first giveaway http://bit.ly/rqz7oT You can win e.l.f, shiseido,canmake, lioele, maybelline, benefit, dollywink, etude house, Covergirl, MAC, Sleek & skin food goodies for 80$. Join~ Join~ until Dec. 16 2011


  2. tous les jours! it's soooo pretty there. and it smells so good. parang tempting lahat ng pagkain. couldn't resist a lot of the breads haha. pero ayun. babaunin sa office para masaya kahit andaming gagawin. 🙂 thanks for sharing with us your experience at the grand opening of their shop. inggit ako sa photo op mo! pero i saw their master patissier earlier. he was talking to one of the shop's attendants. dyahe pa-picture though. apparently bawal daw 😦 sa facebook na lang daw kami mag-tingin-tingin ng pics. oh well.


  3. Hi Emsy, I did join your giveaway! Awww, sana I'll be lucky. 🙂 @Mommy Lyza: Favorite ko na talaga sila. Too bad lang we don't have a branch here pa. 😦 Awww…just keep updating your blog. It will come. 🙂


  4. Hi Clair: Oh that's too sad, about the picture with the master patissier. Or you mean even inside the store, not allowed din? Oh! Thankfully I took several photos na. But you can always take picture of what you get from them naman. I love their goodies. Lucky you that it's nearer your place. :)) Let us know what you tried too. :))


  5. Thank you so much Ms. Des for your time in celebrating and presenting Tous les Jours to the Filipinos! We also like to thank you for taking the time and effort in presenting Tous les Jours in such a wonderful way which we couldn't have done it better. Thank you Ms. Des!


  6. Thanks for posting about this Korean bakery. We get to see how their cakes looks. I like the bear cake and cake loaded with hearts. Pretty unique. Very intrigue about their pastries, maybe I should go and try them. thanks for the post.


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