Review: SkinFood Rose Essence Blusher No. 5 Pink

SkinFood is my foremost go to Korean brand when it comes to skincare. I appreciate how they have dedicated lines per skin type. So it’s not really one size fits all approach, hence, I usually tell my friends to visit the store, or check out the official site, or read reviews (:-D) for a more targeted skin care regimen. Although, I’m half hearted with their makeup lines, I still decided to give it a go. Included in my recent shopping haul is the Rose Essence Blusher. I’m going for a light pink, just for those usual lazy days when I just wanted to get a hint of natural blush.

The SkinFood Rose Essence Blusher No. 5 in Pink is “a blusher with a silky-smooth texture that creates natural-looking rosy cheeks.”
It comes in 6g and packed nicely in a handy reusable tin can.

I got mine in No. 5. Other shades include No. 1 in Purple, No. 2 in Orange, No. 3 in Brown, No. 4 in Peach. Sells for 5,900++ KRW in Seoul. 
It includes a soft puff. But I don’t really use most of the puff or brush that comes with them. I prefer to use my ever reliable Body Shop Retractable Blusher.
SkinFood never fails to provide intricate details. This comes with an embossed Rose and is rose scented. It’s a mild scent, and just the right hint of a pleasing rose scent. Love.;-D
Swatched. Leaves off a sheer almost pinkish white pigment. Most powdered form makeup of SkinFood are really fine, even micro fine, for that silky finish. 
I was hoping for more pigmentation for a more pinkish effect rather than pinkish white. It reminds me of Pond’s famed Pinkish White Glow line, which for a time I coveted. This is it! ;-D

Fortunately, I’m not really out of a pink blush, this one is more of a nice to have. So it seems that I have to rely on my Cover Girl Instant Cheekbones 220 Purely Plum for more pronounced cheek colors. I should have taken it by heart my usual advise to visit the store, or to read on reviews before impulsively going for it. Anyhow, I’m lavishly applying it. This is a blush that you’ll be sure not too look clown-ish regardless how much you apply, which is my usual worry. It’s remaining true to its “natural looking rosy cheeks”.

SkinFood Rose Essence Blusher Color Selections

Will I repurchase? Not likely. Although, I would love to try their other shades provided I get a good swatch. Although I would really think twice before shopping in the local stores because of the extra high price markup. Unless of course, they’re on sale or the gift with purchase is extra special.  So it’s indeed an opportune time to stack up on SkinFood when a friend offered to shop for me in Seoul. Ahhh, I dream of Seoul! 😀

I really want to get a good makeup line from SkinFood too, just to really complete the whole positive experience with SkinFood. Any recommendations? Please do share.


  1. Nice review, thanks for that. I'd like to ask about the durability of the blusher – how many hours does it stay on your cheek? I have a problem with some blusher because they disappear quite quickly (sometimes because of my skin type, sometimes because of the blusher itself) so I always wonder about this feature. Thanks for answer ;)Verunka


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