Review: The Skin Shop Iris Power Whitening Sun Cream

Traditional form of sunblock comes with highly dense formulation, which makes it uncomfortable for everyday wear. But not for long, because of the compelling need of sun protection, cosmetics and skincare companies are incorporating and emphasizing on sun barrier ingredients that are now available on their day wear lines. I mostly rely on them for my daily dose of sunscreen. I’m saving usage of a devoted sunscreen product for those special outdoor soirees. It’s great though that recently, The Skin Shop sent me more products to review. I received their Iris Sun Cream, together with another item.

The Skin Shop Iris Sun Cream with SPF 45 PA+++ is “Dual functional sun cream which is highly effective for UV protection and skin whitening.” Sells for 25,000 KRW here.
Microtel Mall of Asia Pool Deck…Such a tempting sight to indulge on a an outdoor affair. Thankfully, with The Skin Shop Iris Sun Cream on, I braved staying out. 

Product Description: It protects the skin from strong UV rays and makes the skin clear and splendent. Thanks to lighter feeling and fast absorbtion, the stressed skin can be relaxed and softly cared for long lasting moisturized skin. The Naiacinamide helps make the skin white and the Witch Hazel water and Kava extract make the skin healthier with giving mositure and nutrition. c/o The Skin Shop Official FB Page

No English labels at the back of the product, although descriptions, usage, ingredients, and more are printed at the box, with corresponding Hangul translation. 
No frills nozzle. The pointed tip allows for manageable dispensing of the products. 
Swatched. It has thick consistency, lightly scented (reminds of Nivea).
Easy to spread and to blend formula while leaving an almost translucent finish. 

Although, sun allergy aside, I wouldn’t really mind staying under the sun, I brave going out of the house without an umbrella, which my house help can’t do (because she’s overloading on whitening products, and sun exposure is a no,no!) haha ;-D But health and aesthetic wise and speaking, I’m at that age, that I needed to be proactive with anti-aging regimens. Read on an article from About(dot)com tells just how compelling it is to sun protect. So for the past weeks I happily incorporated The Skin Shop Iris Power Whitening Sun Cream to my daily skin care routine.

Use after daily basic skincare regimen. After toner and moisturizer. Under BB Cream, if needed. Leaves lightweight, and non-greasy feel.
I was tempted to stay outdoor last time, so I applied it all over… my neck,and arms. So I confidently stayed out for a while to enjoy the scene and take advantage on great photo opportunities. I just asked The Skin Shop, if it can also be used for outdoor sports sunprotecting, and yes, it can be. I actually saw first hand that it’s sweat proof and even waterproof. When I wash it with plain water, you can still see residues of the formula, I had to use a cleansing oil to remove it completely.

What’s to ♥?

  • No breakouts! Also helps in significantly minimizing, if not totally managing my sun allergy rashes, especially on my arms.
  • It’s non drying, but doesn’t leave heavy feeling even when applied under a sunny and humid day. 
  • Pretty art work (Eiffel Tower, Je t’aime! ;-D) and handy packaging. 
  • Doesn’t cause caking when applied under BB Cream or foundation.
  • Multi-purpose sunblock applications.
  • Haven’t realized yet the whitening reinforced benefit, although it’s not really my primary concern. 
  • Not yet available locally, but will be very soon. The Skin Shop is targeting to be available here before the year ends. I just wish that the price mark up is not so significant. 😀


  • A bit pricey (for me!) for almost Php 1000… Ahhh, the price of health and beauty (haha)! If I’m to stick to my current skincare regimen, I’ll be investing about Php 5000 (over $100) just for the basic routine. Although, I’m already grateful that most Korean Cosmetics are aptly suited for my skin, I would have been spending more, if I were to go for the American or European skin care popular brands. 
  • I would have wanted just to have a high SPF level incorporated on a day moisturizer, BB Cream, or tinted foundations, just to really minimize things that I apply on my face. Hmmm, musing over a Recovery Solution Cream with SPF 45 PA+++! ;-D Same with a body lotion, it would have been nice to just get a good dose of SPF from a daily lotion. 

Overall, I’m going all out in application. I’m lavishly applying it as a face and all-over neck/arms sun protection cream. With the size of it, and the extreme sunny weather we’re having, I’ll be sure to finish it before the year’s over. Will I repurchase? Yes, if there’s not yet a dual day moisturizer/bb cream that offers the same level of sun protection out in the market comes 2012.

Do you have other sun protecting tips or care lines? Please do share. 😀

About The Skin Shop

    The Skin Shop is a South Korean based compony under IFManet Co., Ltd. It is a relatively young yet aggressive skin care company specializing BB Cream and Snail Cream. Founded in 2007, it’s now distributed in Hongkong, Japan, and now also available in Watsons Retail Stores in Thailand. It’s also exported in Taiwan, USA, Malaysia and USA. It also receives the necessary Quality Approval from the Korean Food & Drug Administration on Skin Whitening, Wrinkle Production and UV Rays Protection.

    I’m happy to have tried and tested several products from The Skin Shop…from their BB Creams, to the popular Snail Cream with its Recovery Solution, and more. I’m looking forward to having them available here in the Philippines too. 

    For more details, and seasonal promotions, please visit them on the following sites. 

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