Lioele Hydro Peel Therapy Skin Lotion Set

I’m so into Korean Cosmetics. I love, love, love how aptly suited they are to my skin (so far ;-D). My latest addition to my skincare regimen is the Lioele Hydro Peel Therapy Line. Lioele aptly synthesizes for Life Of Elegant Ease. It’s another Korean Brand. I first heard of the brand while shopping on eBay, and it’s described as a No. 1 Korean brand, naturally I just had to try it out. It seems that the tagging of No. 1 brand is in terms of online Korean Cosmetics Sales. I tried some trivial items from the brand from my online shopping like itsย Pink Brushes. So I’m thrilled to be sent items from Lillie’s Shop, which is an authorized Korean Cosmetics Seller based in Vancouver.

Hydro Peel Therapy Skin 150ml ($29.25) and Lotion 120ml ($31.5). If set, sells for $49.

Product Description: credit Lioele Malaysia FB Page

Most of us suffer from dehydrated skin which is lack of water. Dehydrated skin creates lots of skin problems such as premature aging, rough skin, pimples etc. Lioele understand this concern and hence they come out with an amazing hydrating series – Lioele Hydro Peel Therapy Series! Contain abundant amount of deep sea water, it is high in trace elements, minerals, vitamins ,amino acids, collagen and marine goodies that are essential in maintaining a healthy skin moisture level. With regular usage, it helps to maintain healthy cell turnover ( and hence the name hydro ‘peel’) and thus makes our skin plumper, healthier and youthful!

Hydro Peel Therapy Skin is an “intensive moisturizing skin toner with silky and moist feeling includes deep sea, which contains various minerals that make transparency skin with moisture and elasticity. Also algae extract helps turnover of your skin and by including organic moisturizing ingredients, this product gives smooth and elasticity to the skin.”
English and Hangul labels are found on the box. Comes with a hygienic pump, and replaceable plastic stopper/cover. Almost transparent packaging allows you to see just how much more is available.
Swatch. Clear liquid with flimsy consistency (I don’t know how to phrase it but its thicker than water, but thinner than syrup ;-D). Lightweight, lightly scented, but leaves evident moisturizing and softening feel. Non-sting formula.ย 

How to use: After basic cleansing, use as toner. Either with cotton pads, or dispense on palms and spread slowly. I like to do the latter. Two pumps will be enough to cover my entire face. I then pat it gently for added absorption.

Hydro Peel Therapy Lotion is an “intensive moisturizing lotion that protects dried skin and is absorb without oiliness. By including organic moisturizing ingredients, it gives smooth and elasticity to skin. Deep sea and Trehalose, which contain various minerals present clear skin.”
Same as above. English and Hangul labels are found on the box. Comes with a hygienic pump, and replaceable plastic stopper/cover. But the packaging is opaque, so you can’t really tell how much more is there.ย 
Milky, opaque, and also thin consistency. Lightweight, fast absorbing. Complementary scented with the Lotion. Also, non-sting formula. Leaves skin feeling soft and silky. ๐Ÿ˜€

What’s to โค?

  • No noticeable breakouts, even during the initial phase. I’ve been using it for almost a month. I use it day and night.ย 
  • Love the mild scent.ย 
  • The pump is very easy to gauge, option to press lighter to dispense lesser formula, or press full to get more.
  • Non-greasy.ย At day, I add another sun cream also with a lightweight formulation.
  • Doesn’t caused caking when used with BB Cream and pact.
  • True to its moisturizing and nourishing claims, I usually get dry skin near my lip area after applying hair cream remover for those facial hairs, but the drying effect was minimized with it.ย 
  • Non-irritating or stinging, even if I sometimes overindulged. ;-D.
  • I’m on the combination, oily/sensitive skin, I love that even using it in the morning and at the night time, my face doesn’t really shine, or it doesn’t cause my face to “oil” more. (yikes! but the sunny and humid weather are such epic combo to cause just that). But other than that, I don’t see any reinforced benefits on pore minimizing, anti-wrinkles, and the likes in tune with the plumper,younger looking skin claims. Anyhow, not that there’s imminent need for those. I guess it’s still opportune time to go on preventive mode. But I do have age spots or discolorations that I would have wanted to be less prominent. So in the end, I’ll be needing another product to address those.
  • No SPF or sun protection added. After the Lotion, there’s an option to add essence, and serum, but doesn’t really distinguish a day and night routine. A day moisturizer would normally include SPF.
  • I’m not really fond of those replaceable covers, because I tend to misplace them, I wish it’s connected that you can just slide in or out.ย 
  • A bit on the pricey side (for me ;-D) especially if you don’t get the set. Almost Php 1000 plus per item. Since, I need to address other concerns, like sun protection and ย managing skin tone and discolorations, I’m using supplementary products for those.ย 
  • Not yet available locally, but can be bought online.
Overall, I would happily use them to their fullest. Will I repurchase? For the Hydra Peel Therapy Skin a.k.a. toner, definitely! For the lotion, I’m more inclined to get a dedicated day lotion. Although, I can still keep it for my night skincare regimen. ;-D

Tada! ๐Ÿ˜€ No makeup on! ๐Ÿ˜€

About Lioele

“Lioele Cosmetic company believes that a woman’s radiant beauty is our No.1 priority. Lioele casts a magic spell, giving all women the chance to become the gorgeous heroine of their own story. ย Lioele Symbol is from.. the special pumpkin carriage in the fairy tale, Cinderella, that brought a pity little girl to the luxurious ball at the palace.”

Love the Cinderalla-ish logo! ๐Ÿ˜€

Visit them on Facebook here.

To shop for Lioele and other Korean brands, visit LiliesShop.Net

Ships worldwide. ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. Hi, how do you order from their website? What do you use as payment and what kind of shipment? I have never tried ordering from a website overseas before. And i really want to know how, Any tips?


  2. Hi Zelle! So sorry, but I didn't order per se from them. They sent me the items for review. But, the shipping was actually fast. I got them almost two weeks after they told me that they'll ship them to me. They didn't give me a tracking number, so I guess it's just the standard shipping. ๐Ÿ™‚ Honestly, most of my items from Korea and US are complementary, so I wouldn't know how safe/risky it is. But Sigma sent me a free brush, but I didn't received it yet, it's been about two months. It makes me a bit cautious on getting from them especially if I'll be paying for them. There's no tracking number so I couldn't follow up on the status. I shopped online in the US, but I used the shipping address of my aunt who is also from there. She received it in time. So far, I'm quite more familiar with local online shopping via eBay and Multiply. You just have to read on the customers' comments, and how transparent are them in their FB page, meaning they don't moderate feedback. They all publish the good, and even the bad (if ever!) :-DIt's a bit getting lengthy, if you have anymore questions, I'll be happy to help you out. ๐Ÿ™‚


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