Projection Mapping Fashion Show with Ariel 3D Deep Clean and Bench

Ariel Laundry Detergent, a Procter & Gamble (P&G) brand, together with Bench, both recognize as the leading fabric care and fashion innovators in their respective field of expertise, launched the country’s first outdoor 3D Projection Mapping Event. Projection Mapping as I recently learned is taking the advertising world by storm. So I’m delighted to be a part of this event held in SMX open grounds right in front of Microtel Mall of Asia, where the fashion show was projected in 3D at the façade of the hotel. Wow! 😀

3D Glasses were handed out to witness the exhilarating 3D Projection Mapping Fashion Show in store for us.
The event was hosted by Ariel Celebrity  Endorser Tito Boy Abunda (awww…feeling close! ;-D) 

The 3D Projection Mapping was not just out of whim for the Ariel 3D Deep Clean Kickoff event in the Philippines. The brand, together with other brand partners, are actually leveling up with the innovative 3D Technology.

“Ariel scientists used patented 3D technology to see and understand fabrics, fibers and stains, creating a new formula that provides the best stain removal through all the layers. Ariel is already a trusted name across the globe for cleaning and stain removal, and this innovation brings world-class technology to underserved consumers.”

Ariel 3D Deep Clean performs 3 Deep Cleaning Actions. 1. Preps the surface with a polishing action that gets the cleaning agents closer faster. 2. Reduces the negative charge of the cleaning agents, enabling them to get deeper within the fibers. 3. Extracts stains from the inside out.
Ariel Live 3D Projection Mapping at the facade of Microtel Mall of Asia

To quote Tito Boy Abunda…“From a layman’s point of view, what I discovered in Dubai, was that the Ariel scientists, used 3D technology to discover the behavior of stains, “mantsa” to us. Which means that if you know the behavior of the enemy you also know its location which in fabric/laundry parlance — stains are in, out and in between the layers of fabric. Having discovered this, the scientists, applied this technology to Ariel which is now Ariel 3D Deep Clean which pulls out stains from clothes better than any brand in the market. It also makes clothes look new even after several washes.”

Bench partners with Ariel, in encouraging  their brand enthusiasts to use Ariel 3D Deep Clean in order to keep their clothes looking new after washes.
Larger than life, Bench Model during the Projection Mapping Fashion Show.

The event was captivating, I was actually lost for words to describe the whole 3D experience. From the usual audio visual presentations, down to the live projection mapping of the event, and to the fashion show, everything was showcased in 3D format. Also, the event was in partnership with LG Electronics, which features the first flicker-free cinema 3D. I was wowed all throughout! 😀 

Live Projection Mapping of Host, Mr. Boy Abunda. He was such a great host, he’s talking us through all the high tech nitty gritty in such a forthright manner. I felt like I was just watching a talk show. ;-D
Enjoying the whole fanfare in my 3D Glasses. 😀
I was lucky to be in one table with the proud mom of Ariel’s P&G Brand Manager, Ms. Gelain Reyes. Hence, I was able to indulge on a photo opportunity with them. 
Captivating larger than life fashion runway. 
All happening at the façade of Microtel Mall of Asia. 

I love covering the events of P&G, haha! Because I used to be affiliated with their distributors. Hence, I’m able to speak highly of their products because I sold them personally, of course tried and tested too by yours truly, awww especially Ariel. Ariel is such a premium brand. So it was a joy to reminisce product launchings, and having swags to try out. Thank you for Campaigns & Grey for having me again in this event. Not too mention housing me with such luxe comforts at Microtel Mall of Asia (my review available here).

Love, love, love. And there’s more good news coming from Ariel 3D, coming soon is the first ever 3D commercial. See it in 3D by getting 3D glasses from select Ariel Packs.;-D

Here’s a peek of my most raved about 3D Projection Mapping Fashion Show experience. Forgive my lack of stability in taking the video. 😀

I will post more pictures on my FB page here. 😀


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