Lost in Tondo, Manila

Yesterday, we had to take my in laws to the airport for their flight back to Iloilo, but we needed to go to Negros Navigation Pier 2, North Harbor since we had to ship the car they bought. They got a Ford Expedition, and the shipping cost in a nutshell was for Php 25,000. (Ouch!) I asked my hubby if it’s really worth it to get a car in Manila than there, he told me yes. Anyway, we had to take two cars, I drove hubby’s pick-up (I love driving it…feeling Isabella Swan or Bea in And I Love You So :-D).

Google Maps iPad Application saves the day! 😀

I’m just with Chase, and he’s just sitting at the back seat with his booster seat. We usually take the long way to Manila, all the way EDSA, and go via Macapagal. But since, we’re coming from NLEX, I decided to go via C3. I asked my ever reliable friend for directions. It sounded easy, if only I didn’t turn the wrong way. At first, I knew that I was on the right track because I could already see the shipyards. But the traffic was barely moving, so I decided to check on the Google maps on the iPad. Thank you Sun, the 3G signal was actually available so I was able to see where we were, and then typed Negros Navigation for the directions, it showed on the screen, and I was so near.

I was on the North Bay Boulevard when I turned it on yesterday. I made a premature left turn, and ended up on Velasquez St. The map is so detailed that it really gives you the exact current location. 

My son played the navigator, he told me that we were still along the blue line, which is the correct way. Until, he told me, “Mommy, we’re not on the blue road anymore!”. I knew it, we were lost, right in the heart of Tondo, Manila. I used to frequent Pritil Market and Makro Tondo (now SM Hypermarket) for work, no offense to anyone, but Tondo remains to be one of those stereotyped where bad-things-happen-movie/drama-location, so yes, my heart did skip a beat.

Stereotyped Tondo, Manila Credit: Google Image
Another Tondo, Manila Scene Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donsevilla/210809234/

I tried asking for directions, but they told me to that I needed to get out of the side streets. My friend was not so familiar with the side streets, so he told me not to ask for directions, and just tried getting to the main roads. I checked on the map again, and true, I needed to make a right turn, then all the way to the main road. The map even clearly showed a landmark, that I needed to refer in making my turn.

Google Maps really do provide detailed step by step directions. Trying it out from our place to Marquee Mall Directions. ;-D

I was in a panic mode, and was thankful for several things…that our car was really tinted dark black, the Sun Signal didn’t fail me this time, and my son was just calm about it, he casually told his dad, that we’re lost! 😀 Hubby was also trying to keep a calmer phone conversation, while I made sure to give him all the details that I can see on the road, you know just in case. ;-D Although, it needs an internet connection to function, hence, all the more reason to get myself an iPhone very soon, at least you have a reliable cellular network handy. But yesterday, more than ever, I love, love, love Steve Jobs for the iPad innovation. 😀


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