Defying Gravity

I’m so into The Musical Korean Drama. Uploaded online is just Episode 6, because sadly, they’re just doing one episode per week. It feels like doing a Christmas countdown for all the slated 16 episodes. I’m now into the whole musical per se.

Now in my bucket list, to watch a musical! 😀

Anyway, I’ve been googling over and over for just any updates on episode 7, or just about any drama related buzz. Until, I came across Ohk Joo Hyun, she’s doing Bae Kang Hee in the drama. Apparently, her star prowess as a lead musical artist in the drama, is not unfounded. It’s actually what she does best, singing and doing musicals.

Ock Joo Hyun as Bae Kang Hee in The Musical Korean Drama

I’m not really fond of her character in the drama, because she’s the one in between Daniel Choi and Goo Hye Sun, but I revel in her beauty and her singing prowess. And she’s about my age! It’s inspiring to know ladies who are about my age, and still manage to be fabulous. It just goes to show that aging is inevitable, so don’t fight or fret over it, embrace it, in all its glories! 😀

Love her! 30 is the new 20! Wicked! 😀

And then, she does “Defying Gravity” …WOW! ;-D

It’s now a song that’s playing over and over in my mind, lss (last song syndrome) big time! ;-D It’s a song done by Lea Michelle and Chris Golfer’s Glee Characters, Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel. Which happens to be a signature broadway song done by Idina Menzel (Rachel’s Biological Mom in Glee) and some parts with Kristin Chenoweth (also in Glee as April) in the Wicked Musical.

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