My Friendly Neighborhood Manicurist does Nail Art ;-D

I’m just actually reveling on several d.i.y.’s …slowly traversing them, just getting by on some things, while exceedingly doing well on others (party planning! ;-D).  But one thing for sure, I’m no good at doing my own nails. Enter my manicurist. She does my nails at the comfort of my room. Love it. Yesterday, I wanted to use several of my nail polishes at once. So she needed to level up, and try nail art.

The color choices. ;-D
Flower Power…Base: Sally Hansen Diamond Precious Sunrise, Flower Petals: Sally Hansen Fuchsia Bling Bling , Leaves and  Corolla: NYX Girls Nail Polish

I love spas. But I never did see reason on spending Php 250 up for nail services in the Philippines. Because I have the luxury of having a dependable manicurist. She does my mani and pedicure for Php 100 ($ 2+), over endless chattering. 😀 Not to mention, unlimited touch ups during the session (I’m that restless!), and as long as she’s within the area.

The Sally Hansen Diamond Precious Sunrise is the only unused color from my recent Sally Hansen online hauls. I thought that the color is so close to the Sunrise Sunset. It’s not.
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Sunrise Sunset 

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength is my preferred nail color line if I want to wear the colors, and to preserve their pristine vibrance, for longer than two days. My novelized ravings are found here, and here too. From all the nail lines that I tried so far, including OPI, it’s the only line (at least vs. Lacquer Shine Nails) that can truly withstand my restlessness (even klutziness at times). Although, there are several more newer and fresher Sally Hansen Nail Color lines, which I have yet to try. 

My favorite finishing coat…SkinFood Nail Vita Crystal Pearl Top Coat.

She just used cuticle pusher to create those added flicks on the petals. With her usual precise application, it’s really no question that she can do a lot more. Maybe with more samples and guides to rely on, she can really level with the professional nail technicians of the booming nail care industry in the country.;-)


  1. Wow! Your nails look great!! I'm not good at doing my own either. Found your blog over at the 99% Exposure blog hop. I'd love for you to stop by my blog!Katie @ Glamorous Without the Guilthttp://glamorouswithouttheguilt.blogspot.com/


  2. my parents have one luxury i have alwayts envied. a regular manicurista who comes over the house every 2 weeks for the both of them. she comes weekly wheni'm on vacation hahaha. and i envy you!


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