More Korean Cosmetics for Me

I joined the The Gift World‘s “The Best Gift Ever Event” on FB today. I have so many gifts, and so many blessings, and they’re all equally loved and appreciated by me. The event made me remember how great it really is to count blessings. How truly it’s more enriching to cherish them with a grateful heart, than to wallow in regrets, pains, and losses. So to the brands that continue to open windows of opportunity for me (they’re mostly on my sidebar :-D), my big thankful smile to all of you.

Lioele Hydro Peel Therapy Skin and Lotion Set, and BB Craems. Producst sent by Lilie Shop for review. 
I welcome the gifts, and the wins from few of my favorite Korean Cosmetic Brands…they keep me within my shopping threshold. ;-D Foremost, my heartfelt thanks to all of you who endlessly pour in likes, and comments (I love more!). I’ll walk you through on the upcoming reviews, and on my shopping list (of course, got to have one too!) ;-D

The Skin Shop Magic Science Gel Eye Liner and Iris Power Whitening Sun Cream sent as prizes from the recent FB event. But, I’ll still do a review. ;-D
My friend is going to Korea next week. He agreed to pick up some items for me. I wouldn’t want to oblige so much, so I’ll only send him to one store, SkinFood.

I joined an FB event that compelled me to document my precious SkinFood finds. I want more. 😀 
My SkinFood Shopping List…If there’s a will, there’s a way, and I find myself getting better in navigating the SkinFood Korean Online Shopping Site. Prices are in KRW, not sure if with or without tax. 
I tried the SkinFood Black Egg Pore Foundation from my sister, which she bought from Malaysia. She have it in No. 2, and I just have to get it too. ;-D So yes, holiday shopping mode is on.

“Holidays are Coming” … (sings to the tune of Coca Cola’s Christmas Ad ;-D). It’s now officially my theme song for the “Ber” months. ;-D September and first half of October (so far) seem to be turning quite nicely. So far, so good. It’s that time of the year that sends off “go” sign for shopping, gift giving, and food tripping, and mine are all going oh so fine! 

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