Phiten Classic Rakuwa Bracelet for a Healthier Me

Although, I have been equipped with selling skills from our corporate years, hence, I can tell the bs sales talks from the facts (or I can always google it, and save my judgement for later;-D), still, I find myself being wowed by marketing gimmicks, more so if these are things concerning new age or alternative health products. Even with the Powerbalance hullabaloo, my hubby still wears his. It’s all in the mind. ;-D So I’m delighted to get my own “health bracelet” too from Phiten.

 “Classic Rakuwa Bracelet can be worn at all times… Nerves and muscles are relaxed and the flow of energy and blood circulation is improved.”
Despite that most come with “No Therapeutic Claim” labels, I still find myself, by choice, patronizing them, and true, I feel an overall improvement, anyhow. And that could just be the mystery of placebo effect at work, or that they in fact do work.

“The core of Phiten technology is in our Aqua Metals – metals that are broken down into microscopic particles dispersed in water. These Phiten materials – amongst which Aqua Titanium is the most common – are then applied to the materials used in our products (fabric, silicone) in a variety of ways.”
“At Phiten, we focus our energy on developing products that allow you to be your best. Our founder Yoshihiro Hirata got his start trying to help a friend suffering from chronic pain, and today, after extensive research and development, we continue to help people enhance their quality of life all around the globe, building on the Phiten philosophy of health, energy and well-being.”

I’m actually into Chinese Cupping, folkloric acupressure, liniments, and meditation balms. We even have our own Nuga Best heating pad at home. Since they’re non invasive anyway, so an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking the cue from mantra of “The Secret”, on how the mind plays a role in the physical health… Think healthy, live healthy. 😀

Few months ago, I feared that I’m at a risked of getting CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), so I went into preventive mode by applying medicated plasters, and regularly performing hand exercises from Livestrong.com. 
Phiten Rakuwas Classic Bracelet…So far, it works for me, and love it in red. ;-D

I’m no sports junkie (sad fact! but hopefully, it will change soon), but my sedentary lifestyle takes its toll on my overall health. Few months ago, I was into a stressful situation, then eventually I just kept thinking about it over and over again, that sleep became elusive for months. Since, I was awake most of the time, I was inseparable with my Mac. And that’s when I noticed swelling and pain on my wrist. So between this and that, I need a breather.

Phiten Rakuwa Classic Bracelet sells online for Php 500. 

So I gave the Phiten Bracelet a try since it was one of the item I received from Blogapalooza. At first it was more of an accessory to complete my red ensemble, until I noticed lesser hand and wrist pains, and even at times, no pain or discomforts at all. So now, I sleep with it too, and yes, after 3-4 months of not sleeping, I’m turning to my old self, sleepy head ;-D Too much calming and relaxing effect of Phiten perhaps (!?) 😀

There are more Phiten Necklace and Bracelets to choose from. Racing Choker/Bracelet sells for Php 7495 (Ouch!)

Although, I’m thinking of upgrading my bracelet to something else (or not because they’re a bit pricey!). The “SPORTS STANDARD” stitching makes me feel like a two-faced since I don’t do any sports (yet!) haha! 😀

Rakuwa Classic Bracelet Sport Php 1395 (Look more like it, made of silicone, washable, minus the “SPORTS” stitching ;-D) 

I love that it is both pretty (can even be prettier with a high end design ;-D) and functional. I’ll probably get my hubby one for his upcoming birthday since he’s one sports enthusiast. And the high end designs would go well with a corporate ensemble. ;-D

For more details and seasonal promotions. Please visit Phiten here:

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