Enjoying Weekends at T.G.I. Friday’s

Thank goodness we have T.G.I. Friday’s at The Marquee Mall. If we want to indulge in some calories, with a more kid’s inviting ambiance, we could definitely use more Friday’s.

Eat on! Chase, my little T.G.I. Friday’s Crew ;-D

Over the weekends, with my parents in law visiting, we settled for lunch at Friday’s, because of the menu variety. Between this and that, Friday’s is already the option for a less greasy menu offerings or the heartier choice for my in laws. 😀 While I, hubby, and Chase have our usual orders, the greasier, the cheesier, the better. Yum!

On a healthier note, Citrus Summer Salad. Either this, or when in Italianni’s, we go for Sicialian Chicken Salad. 
Mushroom Chicken and Mushrooms
Lemon Chicken Piccata…included in their Pasta Festival.
Love, love, love Jack Daniel’s Wings ;-D
Hubby and Chase’s Usual Order minus vegetables…Burger Sliders
Burger Sliders’ Vegetables on the Side…mine!

If it’s just us, our regulars will include Fried Mac and Cheese, which my son and hubby love.  Hubby and Son are grease monkeys when it comes to their food choices. My biggest challenge to date is how to make them eat vegetables. Thank goodness for our d.i.y. Shanghai Rolls, where I sneak in a lot of vegetables, and they don’t mind feasting on them. ;-D

My Picky Eater Son loves to eat Dine out! Oh well! 

This is already our second year to avail of their Bistro Card, it’s a 20% discount card plus other perks, which allows us to enjoy Italianni’s too, if we were in a mood to pasta overload. Or the Fish & Co., for a healthier indulging. Actually, it’s more of saving on food tax and service charges. So for that, we could definitely enjoy more Friday’s. 😀


  1. We tried TGIFs way before (around 10 years ago, I guess) and I wasn't that bowled over by the food. But your post made me realize, I might just have ordered the wrong thing lang. =)Will give them a try again! Thanks! =)


  2. I love Fridays. My hubby and I usually go there on special occasions and date nights.Following you from blogging buddies. Hope you'll stop by!Trishawww.MommaTandBabyE.com


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