LUVIEW One Touch Brush Sun Powder

Please indulge me…”Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of ’99,  If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be  it.” Does this line ring a bell yet? Anyway, it’s Baz Luhrmann’s Suncscreen song.;-D Today more than ever, with today’s changing times, both for aesthetic and health benefits, sunscreens must be wear all the time. Sun protection is now an integral part of daily skin care regimen. It’s the foremost anti-ageing product that’s totally worth investing. And the good news is that more and more cosmetics company are integrating sunscreens to most makeup lines such as my most coveted Luview’s product to date, the One Touch Brush Sun Powder. Luview is a Korean Brand, for a detailed brand introduction, please see my previous post here.

 Offers sun goddess goodness love with SPF 50+/PA++, Oil-Control, and Built-In Brush.;-D


Except for the ingredients (Hangul), reinforced benefits and instructions are noted in English. There’s also a working English Website for Luview here.
It comes with a brand safety seal.
Reminds me of L’oreal Mineral Powder’s Format, except that the brush of Luview’s is flatter. 
Swatch applied over Luview’s Crystal BB Cream. It’s a micro-fine powder, talc-free, that has a translucent finish.

The built-in brush has soft bristles too. As usual, I like to dot my T-Zones, forehead, nose, chin, both cheeks, then blend it all over. The built in brush is handy and aptly suited for on the go touch ups, and is perfectly fitted when dispensing more powder. But since I have working blush/powder brush, I still prefer to use it. I just have to find a work around to fit the brush when dispensing, just to save on spillage.

Applied after BB Cream. Taken indoor, without flash.
Looks au naturel! 😀

I love that it’s easy to blend and doesn’t cake. I didn’t pay much attention to the sebum control effect because most of the events I used it were held outdoor, so naturally with the sunny weather, it’s hard not to sweat. But I did try to use it by itself, without BB Cream/Foundation. If used by itself, it leaves a sheer matte finish. My face didn’t look oily for about two hours. Then, I had to blot and to retouch.

Sun Goddess! (I wish!) 😀

Overall, I love that it is a multi-funtional powder, it does its share as a finishing/setting powder plus more with its reinforced benefits on sun protection. I don’t mind layering sunscreens, if only, you can add them up. ;-D Traditionally, having a sunscreen on before applying makeup works better, as makeup tends to minimize the effect, but with most makeup now having sunscreens, I guess having a finishing powder with SPF is now even better.

About Luview

For more details on the Luview’s One Touch Brush Sun Powder, please check official product listing here. To meet more Luview Brand Enthusiasts, please visit the official Luview Cosmetics FB Page. Also drop by for seasonal promotions and giveaways, there’s one right now. Up for grabs are several Luview Products. ;-D


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