Black & White Tops ForMe ;-D

In my limited “me” time yesterday at the mall, I made a quick stop at ForMe, and treated myself with two tops, one in black (of course!) and white, in the same style/design.Β Oh well, I told you soΒ last time that I do tend to just complete the colors. Anyway, the first shopping blood for October has been shed. And so far, October seems very promising, minus Pedring and the likes.

I’ll share asap, what I’ll make of the tops. But I love the shoulder cut and accents. ;-D
My biggest challenge ever since is having flabby arms. It’s genetic they said, I got it in my dad’s side. (excuses!;-P) Seriously. So I’m not really comfy to show them off. I love how my shoulders shows off just the right skin, and doesn’t frame my arms. So in the end, the design comes out very flattering. ;-D
Happy much! I’m Size Small for a triangle body shape top in ForMe, although, I’m still Medium in their Skinny Jeans line! That’s an achievement considering last year, I can go L or XL. ;-D

This was a spur of the moment retail therapy, I was only supposed to check out the Multi-Way Top, which super intrigues me. I shared the video on my recent ForMe post here. I found out that some items are on sale, yada, yada, and tada. ;-D

Hmmm, wonders if am I creative enough? ;-D

For more details, and seasonal promotions, please check out ForMe’s Official FB Page. πŸ˜€


  1. Hi Des,Thanks for linking up this weekend – and for following! I'm returning the favor as your newest follower. Your first two posts have already caught my eye – off to read more! :)Have a good day!


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