Few of my Favorite Things

When I say love, love, love to some things, I truly mean the endearment from the bottom of my heart, as in! Before I started out being more outgoing and adventurous on my skin care regimen alike, there are some things that I tend to buy over and over again. I can be a die hard loyalist to a brand or item. My sister used to say that I can be an OA (over acting) because when I like an outfit, I just go all out, also on the safe side, to just complete the colors instead of going for other styles. Although, I’m more versatile now when it comes to my choices (methinks), there are some things that I just can’t leave without, so I’m happily commiting on just getting them.

Now my favorite scent, Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Shine! ;-D 
This is already my third bottle. It’s a certified love. Promise! 😀 I’m hopelessly devoted to Shine! 
Secret Wish by Anna Sui…before I went all out to Incanto Shine, I was inseperable with the Secret Wish in Green. I think I finished 4 bottles over the years. It’s a happy alternate with Incanto Shine because of it’s lighter and crisper scent. And the scent is really unique and distinct to it.  
I can’t go anywhere without The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes . Even my hubby and son recognize how great, and uber lovely scented is the Cleansing Wipes. I tried it last year, and we’ve become inseparable since. 
Avon Advance Techniques Conditioners….Need I say more of my love and addiction for them?! I finished my previous haul documented on my FB page last time, and I made sure to hoard them again since they’re again on Sale last time. 😀 
Avon Advance Techiques Reconstructive Treatment Mask Damage Repair….my hair is not that damaged! LOL ;-D It’s actually getting silkier and smoother as it was before my untimely summer “wave away” treatment, which prompted me to wear a bob, after a long, long time. I’m just on the side of prevention. Prevention is better than the cure, anyhow! ;-D
My Treasures…before I was a KDrama Addict, I’m dead set on being a book worm! I never gave away a book yet, so I’m not sure if I will be ready to leave them when the time comes that we need to relocate again. ;-D What genre? It depends on my mood, I’m a hopeless romantic so I always love a good romantic read. But I’m also into Sandra Brown, Dan Brown, Action/Suspense/Thriller reads, I can even go for non-fiction.  ;-D 

Certified Sandra Brown avid reader. ;-D
Susan Elizabeth Phillips ;-D…although now, I’m starting my iBooks collection.  

I can definitely be Forrest Gump’s friend Bubba, who can talk about shrimps endlessly. LoL. ;-D I can talk, hoard, collect, and stand by on somethings in perpetual loyalty (ala my obsession with KDramas), oh well, just until I find something else worthy to take its place. ;-D Here are just some of my few favorite things, I was hoping to save some of the used bottles and containers just to really prove a point, but my house help, who’s an epitome of diligence, decided to do her own garbage segregation, and I foud them along with other recyclables. ;-D

How about you? Any love, love, loves? ;-D


  1. Des,Oh my oh my…look a all the books. It's like a mini library. I think people who loves reading are great and knowledgable. Good on you. Im very impressedI love (or should I say like) my bed and my TV.


  2. Man you are worse than I was I got rid of all my books when I got the Ipad2 never thought I could do it but I finally had to. Thank you so much for visiting my site. I am now following :0)


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