Disney Cars 2 Theme School Birthday Party

We just love, love, love Disney Cars. My son just can’t get enough of him especially with Cars 2 still fresh in his memory so when we decided 3 days before his birthday to do another school birthday party, he decided that he wanted another Disney Cars theme birthday party. We had the same theme at his 2nd birthday, but he said that he vaguely remembers any of it, so he wanted another round of Cars Theme Party.

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake from Toll House is sweetness overload. ;-D

I guess more than five times of party planning makes me a bit of an expert party planner so thankfully I was able to pull off a party for 20 kids in just 3 days. It was a sudden decision because son and hubby couldn’t make up their mind, hubby wants a trip, but we can’t since he just came from one, son wants a shopping spree at a toy store, but we decided to indulge him both a party and a shopping spree, since grandparents gave him some shopping money.

We gave him a Lakers’ Theme school party last year, and I wrote an article about it in Smart Parenting for a detailed how to’s. One important thing to remember is that a school birthday party is a 30-minute affair, so everything needs to be on the dot…preparation, serving of food to the kids, blowing of cake, and distribution of loot bags. Here’s a checklist guide on planning a party on short notice. ;-D

Day 1 

  • Theme Invites – I made it using Picnik. Then I had 3R copies printed on photo studios for Php 6 per print.  Party invites need to be given the asap to give time for parents to buy gifts just in case they wanted to. 
D.I.Y. Party Invites with Cars 2 Theme 
  • Cake – Theme Cakes have more lead time requirements, usually 3 days before. So this one needs to be done asap. I got his cake at Toll House, we got his Lakers’ Cake from Toll House too. I love Toll House because their pretty cakes are also very much edible. It’s sweet and yummy actually. ;-D Character Round Cakes sells for Php 550 up. The Disney Cars Cake for a 12 inch cake (I think!) sells for Php 950. Super Value for money. 
  • Food – This time, we decided to just source almost everything from Toll House. It’s important to have kids’ meal pre-packed for easier distribution given the time constraint of the party. Toll House requires 3 days notice too for bulk or tray orders. Toll House is a Angeles City’s house brand, it’s a Casual dining destination offering mix of local and international cuisines, with its best seller and all time favorite, Baked Macaroni. 
Toll House Kiddie Meal includes a choice of Baked Mac or Baked Spaghetti, Chicken Lollipop,  2 pcs. Cupcake (Cheese or Mini-Choco) for Php 90 each
That’s my dad right there. ;-D I ordered Baked Macaroni (Large), Fried Canton (Medium) my favorite, Tropical Chicken (Medium). We just added Pork and Chicken BBQ on sticks. ;-D These fed about 30 adults, and we still had some leftovers. 
Day 2
  • Shopping for Loot Bags, Balloons, Disposable Plates, Cups, and utensils – I went to the Duty Free in Clark, and in SM Clark for the items I needed. I didn’t had a lot of time so I wasn’t able to be more cost efficient. But it seems like there was a big joke on me because I used to see several Disney Cars Theme Birthday Party items, but when I went to SM, there was none. There’s several Toy Story, Ben Ten, but nothing for Cars. I was actually fortunate to get that one and only birthday banner with a checkered, racing theme. 
Disney Cars Silly Bands, Chocolate Candies, Disney Cups, PicNik, Assorted Candies from the Duty Free, and SM Department Store
I prepared 28 Loot Bags. I didn’t but the Snack Bag, it was from the US, and was meant to be a Sandwich Snack Bags. ;-D
Loot Bags, Gift, and Cake Table…I just added a racing theme banner.
For the balloons, I bought 2 pack (20 pcs) balloons from SM Dept. Store, which I inflated the day before, 2 hours before the event, just to minimize oxidation. Having a electric balloon pump is really handy. ;-D
Day 3 – Event Day
Happy 6th Birthday Chase! ;-D We love, love, love you so much! 
Since I bought Disney Cars Kiddie Cups, we needed to prepare drinks for the kids. 2 hours before, I did the balloons on a stick, and prepared a simple centerpiece balloon set up for the Adult Buffet Table. I got the cake and the food at 1 hour before the event, and went directly to the school. There was a culminating event taking place so there were parents, and with a permission from the school, I invited some guests over since we were not holding a party at home anymore.;-D

My mom, brother, dad, and family friends, who joined us for the party. ;-D
The Kids going over at their loots! ;-D
Mom & Chase ;-D

30 minutes after, the party was over! ;-D But the fun for my son is just beginning…

Chase enjoying his gifts! ;-D It’s indeed remarkable that we got him an RC Cars 2 Gift,  and it had been sitting in the bed room for more than 3 weeks, that Chase was able to hold off opening it. He tried to take a peek, but eventually gave up, and just started doing a countdown until the day that he can finally open it.^^ Good Job Chase! 


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