Surfer Girl #Dream

Pretty girls of Korean Dramas inspire me to take care of my skin, and then to some extent, to dress more creatively. I love, love, love how pearl-ish their skins are. ;-D Trivial, but I also take pleasure in watching Blue Crush over, and over, and over again. It’s the first and only movie that I saw on the movie house by myself. I was so compelled to watch it, so circa 2002, while waiting for my hubby’s flight arrival, I decided to kill time at the mall, and instead saw the movie by myself. So yes, Blue Crush holds a special place in my heart. Kate Bosworth then was just starting. But I love her, and her girlfriends, and I’m such a sucker of underdog sports movies. So yes, I’m cheering every time at her last ride. And what’s not to love of Matthew Davis. ;-D Sadly, I didn’t pursue my dream to be a surfer girl, but the girls inspire me to wear a bikini top and board shorts. That’s how far my confidence level will go. ;-D

Blue Crush Love ;-D

I haven’t seen Blue Crush 2 just yet, but since Blue Crush holds a special tendre in my heart, it’s hard to root for another without Kate Bosworth, or Michelle Rodriguez, or Matthew Davis on it. So I was a bit half hearted to see Soul Surfer, but I’m glad I did. Because it has most of the elements I love about Blue Crush minus romance, plus a whole lot of heart. It’s an inspiring family movie. I don’t think I can still be at the age to rock a surf board, but if I can have Fairy Godparents, I wish I can be a Surfer Girl. ;-D

A movie with a lot of Heart! ;-D

This is just a quick post. I’ve been m.i.a. for some time now because I’ve been busy for the past days, and I just watched 5 DVD movies (Hanna, Friends with Benefits, Source Code, The Adjustment Bureau, and Fast Five) yesterday, and then Soul Surfer today. And I’ve got more pretty things to talk about in the coming days. Have a great day! šŸ˜€

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