Get Hex or LunaTik for Apple iPod Nano

Hubby is starting to love, love, love Apple too. He’s getting hooked, and starting to see eye to eye with me on why I’m addicted to my Apple gadgets. He’s being demure about it, so he’s starting out small with iPod Nano, who knows what will the future hold!?  ;-D

Hubby got his own iPod Nano and he made sure to get the matching LunaTik Watch Band. Hmmm, I want! ;-D
I’m Hex! He’s LunaTik! ;-D 

HEX Watch Band are sold on Switch Shops for Php 1200 ++. 

Hex casts a spell on me so I’m totally inseparable with my iPod Nano. The Hex Original Watch Band provides cover and enhanced protection for my iPod given its premium silicone material, while allowing access to all the buttons and functions. It has accessible audio port with cover. No frills, pop in and pop out design for that stylish transformation of the iPod Nano to a watch. I love everything about it because I have a peace of mind that when my klutzy moments come, my iPod is safe from scratches and minor bumps. And on those few times that I decided to run with it, I can easily clean the strap with soapy water. The only drawback is you have to pop it out to access the USB or Charging ports. But I found a way to break a spell of Hex, get LunaTik! ;-D

Blackout LunaTik sells online for $89.95 and is available in iStudio in the Philippines for Php 4000 plus. I know, right!!! 

Get LunaTik here. 😀 We’re not afraid to show our dark side with the new LunaTik Blackout. The Blackout features an all black anodized aluminum case as well as black PVD plated buckle and hardware for mil-spec durability. LunaTik is a premium permanent conversion kit designed for those wanting to dedicate their iPod Nano primarily as a wrist watch. The LunaTik case is forged and CNC’d from aircraft grade aluminum and the straps are made from compression molded high-grade silicone rubber with an anti-dust coating. All hardware is stainless steel.

 Get LunaTik. ;-

It’s a thing of beauty. But it’s so pricey here. And I want RedRun, as if I run LoL, soon, maybe, who knows?! ;-D

iPod Nano Love! ;-D

I’m a bit stingy, so I’ll happily hold on to my HEX. I prefer to use my iPod as a watch especially when I do mall hopping. I love the pedometer feature. And now, it syncs with Nike Plus when you connect it with iTunes. Also, with the recent iTunes update, you can now easily add photos to your iPod too. There’s a tab that allows you to sync it with iPhoto, either in whole or selected photos or events. So yes, another level up from Apple. ;-D How about you? Hex? or LunaTik? ;-D


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