Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack

On my recent retail therapy at Tony Moly Megamall, I was given trial packs of the popular Tomatox. It’s made famous for its instant whitening effect, since luckily I’m not really clamoring for that, I saved it for a later use. As Julia Roberts’ Vivian character in Pretty Woman goes…Big Mistake! Huge! Because, not to preempt, but it so good that I definitely have to get the full size!

Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack for a Full Size is sold at Tony Moly Shops at leading Metro Manila malls and SM Department Stores for Php 548
Product Description: 
Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack is a multi-functional massage and pack that contains tomato extracted water and Tomato ingredients.  It is designed to bring instant dual magic brightening and vitalizing and detoxifying effects into the skin.   As a soft massage and wash off mask, Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack delivers highly vitalizing, truly clarifying, magic brightening, skin hydrating and protecting effects to the skin, leaving it amzingly bright, clear and supple. 

All the nutritive benefits of Tomatoes in a massage pack. ;-D
We know the drill, tomato is a great source of lycopene, flavonoids, alpha and beta carotene, among several others. So yes, it can be the secret of eternal youth with its overflowing wealth of anti-oxidants. ;-D 
Swatch in Luminous White Paint. 
Since the trial packs have no english instruction, I  relied on the reviews (product reviews are just really love, agree?! The more, the merrier! ;-D), although initially, I got pretty confused between the Brightening Mask and a Magic White Massage Pack.

Updated: 09.21.11 …Tony Moly Singapore FB Page noted that the Brightening Mask has different functions and ingredients from the Magic White Massage Pack. 

Tomatox Mask Love. ;-D
How to use? After sorting through all recommended ways to use this, I decided to use it as how I would a usual wash off mask. On the side of caution, especially if you have a sensitive skin, please do a patch test first. 
  • Apply all over, I usually dot the T-Zone, and spread it from there and I apply it thinly at first, work the cream in the face by massaging it. 
  • Option to apply more cream, like a second or finishing layer, to keep a formed white mask in shape. It reminded me of how they usually apply a mask in the salon, if you could have a brush that you could sort of paint the formula on your skin for a really defined mask, that it would almost look like a solid mask that you can pull once dried, then use it. But that means more cream to use, since I don’t have the luxury of a full size, I have to make do with my trial packs, and try to extend my usage by using just the right amount. 
  • Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, others say that you might feel a bit of stinging, tingling, or itching. No worries, these are actually oxygen bubbles working their way to your skin. Knowing about the possibilities of it makes me actually imagine having such reactions. ;-D I just felt a little bit of itching, the usual discomfort when you know that there’s something on your face, so nothing major. 
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water. As a habit and taking it after from skin care expert, it’s always advisable to finish the rinsing step by running a cold water. 
  • Pat dry.
My before and after photos…using same camera settings (ISO, with flash, etc.)
There’s an instant brightening effect, because of the calming and soothing effects, thereby minimizing any reddening that may be caused by skin irritations. For my case, I have on and off itchy rashes. Just to manage expectations, my first usage is my first step on nourishing my skin with the health goodness of tomato, and as I go along on using this pack (plan to use it every other day), then maybe I can notice a fairer complexion overtime. I’ll be super worried if there’s a drastic change in my skin tone ala bleaching effect instantly. I’ll keep this post updated as soon as I progress on my usage. ;-D
What’s to ❤? Almost everything because it’s true to its claim. Trivial, but I love the mild floral/fruity scent, which is definitely not tomato scented. 

  • Personally, I love my masks to have exfoliating beads in them. I’m not really a fond of a colored beads especially if it’s in red like the previous Tomatox, great move by the way of removing the red because at first glance of the swatches, it’s easy to mistook the melted red beads as something else, ;-D but I wish, they still have micro beads for that visible oxygen bubble effect. 
  • Despite having a pretty tomato-shaped container, it can be a bit bulky so it is not travel friendly.
Overall, I could be an overacting health buff, and can be very adventurous or what have you for the sake of beauty (Vain alert in the house!;-D), so yes, I love, love, love T-O-M-A-T-OH! ^^ I’ll definitely buy a full size of this. ;-D

Updated: There are some confusing news about Tomatox Pullout in Taiwan regarding hydrogen peroxide content. Tony Moly Singapore says it’s the Massage Pack that is affected. Tony Moly Brunei says it’s Tomatox Brightening. Although, they said that the one on the market of Massage Pack is already the 2nd gen.

Updates September 25: Tony Moly Philippines on their FB issued a official statement that Tomatox sold in the country are 100% safe and Hydrogen Peroxide Free. ;-D

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