Blogapalooza Kick Off Event Buzz

September 17 was an affair to remember. It’s a much awaited fanfare for the country’s blogging community as it marked the kick of event of Blagapalooza. It’s indeed a pleasure to be part of it. I’ll try my best to tell all on my experience and I’ll try to go to as much details as possible, without dragging the post, knowing that I have the tendency to novelize. ✌

The event was held at the 5th floor of Fully Booked in Bonifacio Global City. If you’re a bookworm, like yours truly, and can spend a whole day at the company of a book or two, then this is a place to be. It has Starbucks inside it. So yes, it’s a bookworm’s haven.
Blogapalooza is spearheaded by Mr. Vince Golangco of WhenInManila.com, Radio DJ on Mellow 94.7, among several other feats.
When he said that they didn’t expect it to be a full blown happening, and that they were not really event organizers, he’s so being modest. Because it was one awesome event. Kudos to them! ;-D
Surprisingly, for the last couple of media events that I attended, I was usually early. The Manila Traffic is just really epic. Very unpredictable, so better be safe, than sorry. 
Some of the Partners’ Booth…Phiten, Chana, Shopinas, Easy Phamax Wheatgrass, Farmer John, Lipton Tea, Memo, Regatta, For Me. 
Mingle Time!
Business to Bloggers (B2B) Meet and Greet. ;-D

Meet the bloggers. Yes, all of the 150 bloggers’ site are all in the photo wall. That’s how thoughtful the organizers are. It’s a pleasure to be amongst the company of great bloggers from different field. I met Gellesh too. I was hoping to say hi to Average Jane, but couldn’t spot her amidst the crowd.

Yay! Chicsassymom made it to Blogapalooza! Big Thanks! ;-D
The group was like one of the best audience ever. Endless cheering kept the 50 presentations from different companies seem like minutes, instead of hours. Anyhow, the flatteries to the presenters were not unfounded, because they’re all equally impressive on their respective fields. Not to mention how they all went out of their way to try to be as creative on their allotted slot. 
Super happy to finally meet the author of Wickermoss. ;-D
I met April of Pepang.tumblr.com and her friends, who are all pretty (and very young) fashion bloggers. ;-D  This souvenir photo was courtesy of kameraman photos to go. ;-D 
Walking photo booth! ;-D  I can’t help but love this. I love to spend some time camera whoring, that’s how I get my reviews done. So I was uber happy to get a print from them instantly. 

Meet the businesses. There were 50 of them. So yes, I’ll be very, very, very busy going through each one of their products and services. I will not go through to all of them in this post, but I will try to cover them in the coming days. Again, another round of applause to the presenters, they went all out to keeping the presentations interesting even with their old school way of using illustration boards, flip charts, acting, singing, even going to the extreme of scratching and dropping a phone (HTC Mobile in the house!^^) just to prove a point. Here are sneak peaks of the businesses. 

HTC Mobile in the House! ;-D
Meet Freestyleballers! ;-D
I’d like to do a special mention of Freestyleballers. Simply because, Nathan is a 3rd year college student from my alma mater, UA&P. From the looks of it, Nathan sure means business, as in! Just see his enthusiasm, it’s radiating, not to mention that he gave out samples of his “slap watch”. I admire his candor. ;-D

Going Green Living with TreeHugger.
And here, meet another enthusiastic guy, he is from TreeHugger, an environmentally friendly writing materials. He asked as to write a commitment on our share for a greener earth, and they will happily dedicate a tree under our blog site’s name while emphasizing our commitments. I’ll spill the beans, my commitment is this… ” I will not turn on the TV, while blogging!” 😀 I’ll truly try my best not to let my korean drama’s play simultaneously while writing. Oh what to do? A glimpse of Lee Min Ho or Lee Joon Gi inspires me. ;-D

And then these fab girls. Of course, the Boudoir Dolls. I’m not sure if I can be brave and confident enough to wear those, but the word is out that these girls can make it happen. So yes, I’m strongly considering  it. (Deep breath!)
I was happy to see Arlene of Boudoir Dolls, who’s our favorite go to colleague for great photo opportunities back then at work. So thankfully I have few pictures of myself for the event. 

PoleCats Manila. Oh my! WOW! They’re offering us a free class, I wish I can. Maybe in another lifetime, I can pull it off. (Another deep breath!)
She is from the HappyFart.com, and she’s such an epitome of grace, I couldn’t imagine that she can utter FART with such graceful elegance. ;-D
And then this group from LazerXtreme. Interesting! I’ll be sure to bring my son along for the experience. 
TRIPOLOGIE kept the crowd in even higher spirits by raffling off the bags and luggages that they used as props for their presentation. Being a passionate traveler and a bag hoarder, I was truly saying a prayer, pretty please, let me win one of those goodies. I was truly eyeing that Red Elle Bag. Oh well.    

Online Shopping…my kind of thing! My son is uber curious on those little packages I got from the mail, he wanted one for himself.  I’ll see what I can do about it here at Shopinas.com. LoL. ;-D
Big Thanks to Leslie’s. We had a bagful of Farmer John Potato Chips. ;-D
Meet the Sofitel Representative. Sofitel provides my much coveted hotel toiletries. Although this year, hubby brought me their house brands, but last time, he took home L’Occitane and Hermes bath items.  My son takes after my penchant for hotel living, he refers to the experience as fancy living. ;-D
Doing the Unilever/Sunsilk Damage Hair Test. ;-D I wasn’t brave enough to check mine. LoL.
Healthy First provided refreshing fruit juices, and teased our palates with gourmet milk fish. I tried it, it’s so easy to mistook it for an imported fish. It’s not “fishy” at all. 
Snacks were courtesy of Size Matters Sausage Burgers. ;-D 
Now popular photo of the author of  Earthlingorgeous.com enjoying a sizable sausage sandwich also from Size Matters. 

Raffle Time! The spa and beauty junkie in me can’t help but ogle at those goodies from Blue Water Day Spa, Sparkle Spa,  Oryspa, and Human Nature. ^^
The Magic Bowl broke my heart that day! No. 22 was not called! 
Ignore the stretch marks. But great memories and experience more than made up for my lack of luck on the raffle. LoL. Thanks Arlene for the shot. ;-D Trivia: I’m wearing my now fave DIY shorts that I posted a while back. Tops from Zara. ;-D
Anyhow, Farmer John Potato Chips from Leslie’s kept me company on my trip back to Pampanga. Those were empty wrappers. As of post time, we finished all of the chips in the loot bags. My sister who tried the Cheddar & Sour Cream made sure to make a trip to the supermarket before going home to get more of those. ;-D
These brought a smile to my face! Yay, some shopping spree break.  ;-D
I covered less than half of the businesses in this post. I’m barely halfway there. So I’ll definitely be uber busy trying  to get around these delightful swags. I hope not to dilly dally. I’ll keep you posted. I have about 100 plus photos of the event. I’ll try to upload them on my FB page. So please do check them out.

I made it! Big Love! ;-D


  1. Hi! taga angeles ka din pala. i was there at the blogapalooza too. i'd like to use your Farmer John potato chips photo sana kung pwede (3rd photo from last). I wasnt able to take a photo kasi nung akin, nilamon agad ng barkada ko. haha. would you mind if i ask for the hi-res photo? and kung meron ka rin photo nung wild willy's :). will give proper credits naman. 🙂 my email ad pala enjayneer.david[at]gmail.com. Thanks cabalen! 🙂


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