HTC ChaCha Workshop

I was invited to attend a workshop for HTC ChaCha last September 14, at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Being inseparable with my blogging gadgets a.k.a. my MacBook Pro, or iPad, or even my no frills Samsung Phone, or even trotting my way around XBox to keep up with my son’s growing penchant for it, Β I guess qualifies me as a tech savvy mom. I was a bit curious about HTC. So I went on to the workshop ready to do the ChaCha.

HTC ChaCha features a dedicated One Touch Share Facebook Button

Truth be told. I’m not really up to date with HTC. I know of it, because a relative handed down an old model to my brother. It was your usual business phone used by medical representatives that allow their calls and their clients to sign and all. So my initial thought of the brand was it was a phone offering business solutions. Until I discovered how technology went by so fast, and how the brand’s continuing innovating led to several up to date, customer centered features like the country’s growing affinity with Facebook. Hence, for the HTC ChaCha. A representative from HTC Taiwan led a very informative workshop. It could have been a more interactive one, if I have an actual unit to tinker, methinks! ^_^

HTC Representative from Taiwan led an interesting discussion.
Workshop Participants all ready to do the ChaCha! πŸ˜€

HTC Philippines opened two concept stores in the metro yesterday, one in SM Mall of Asia and the other one in Glorietta.Β While, I don’t in any way, pretend to know the product per se, getting to know the product features sure did brought a smile to me. The HTC Sense features sure do make a lot of sense! Here’s a short teaser video about the HTC ChaCha.

And then, guests were treated to a very sumptuous meal from the Mandarin Oriental. I know, while we’re all looking forward for a much coveted raffle of HTC ChaCha, which usually concludes an event. It was not meant to be. LoL. ;-D

But wait, HTC Philippines is actually planning a giveaway promotion on their FB Page. So stay tune and watch the FB Page.

I’m with Mommy Larissa of Mom’s World of Arts and Happiness.

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