NOTW: NYX Girls Nail Polish

It seems I’m a little bit slow to catch up on the doing my own nails. I really have to wait for our manicurist to do mine. I just can’t seem to do my right hand. I don’t pride myself in having steady hands to apply precise strokes. Sad indeed. I need to double time if I want to try out my recent NYX Girls Nail Polish finds.

NYX Girls Nail Polish Green Papaya, Indigo Blue, and White…I got them for Buy 2, Take 1 Php 150@ at Digital Traincase

Here’s what I tried so far. I’m now wearing the Indigo Blue since yesterday for the HTC Media Launch in Manila, and hopefully they’ll stay as nice until Saturday for the Blogapalooza.

NYX Girls Nail Polish Indigo Blue Swatch…I took the photo a day after. There area already signs of chipping on the nail tips.
NYX Girls Nail Polish Indigo Blue 

I was also able to try the NYX White last time for my French Manicure. It’s DIY, but I had a little help from here. ;-D

French Manicure with NYX Girls White for the Tips

I got them on Sale for $2.5 each from Digital Traincase. They come in several color choices. Although, quality wise, they’re at par with local popular nail care lines. They don’t really promise chip-free and lasting application. To get the most of the vivid colors, you have to apply at least three coatings. Although, the Indigo Blue has some sparkle to it, so that’s what makes up for the minimal pigmentation. I recommend, letting each coat dry, before applying the next so as not to make the coatings too thick and brittle. At three coatings, it’s not yet that thick actually for the Indigo Blue. Oh well, still, they’re nice to have.

The NYX Girl Nail Polish lines are not in the current nail lines offerings of NYX. They currently have Matte, Polish, and the Salon Formula, ranging from $4-$5. So, it’s not bad at all to collect the NYX Girls Nail Polish while there are still stocks available from local sellers. ;-D

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