SkinFood Masks Overload

For the past weeks, I became more and more adventurous (and more addicted) to applying facial masks. I was able to try three new masks from SkinFood…the Acai Berry, the Black Sesame Hot Mask, and the Black Sugar Mask. All of them have varying sizes of exfoliating beads. But different level in moisturizing and hydrating. But as usual, since they’re from SkinFood, they all boast off several nutritive benefits. ;-D

SkinFood Acai Berry Mask

Here’s a full size of the SkinFood Acai Berry Mask. 
Product Description: Acai Berry Mask pack is a soft jelly texture that can be easily absorbed by the skin. It contains an ample amount of vitamin C and antioxidants that hydrate intensively from within and combat premature aging skin.
SkinFood Acai Berry Mask Swatch
It has teeny exfoliating beads. It’s also almost unscented. It’s indeed uber hydrating, that I found my face glowing after using it. Lasting even the next days. Amidst the humidity, and the sunny weather, I found my now oily skin, a bit more hydrated than needed. It didn’t cause any breakouts on the week I used it. I used it every other day for a week. Overall, I think it’s aptly suited more to those with dry skin type. But you can, use it once in a while, for hydrating maintenance especially on colder weather. Will I repurchase? Not with my current skin type. 
SkinFood Black Sesame Hot Mask

Black Sesame Hot Mask
It’s my first try of a warming mask. The warming effect was indeed there, that I was a bit hesitant to leave it on during my first try. But after a while, I find the feeling relaxing and pampering. ;-D
It has the roasted black sesame seeds peeling as makeshift exfoliating beads.
Product Description: Using natural ingredients of black sesame to provide a steam effect. Deeply cleanse pores for a clean, smooth and refresh feeling. It is listed under the Pore Care line of SkinFood for deep cleansing, pore tightening, and skin detoxifying benefits. Black Sesame is known for its nutritious tonic effect. 
Recommended also as a Keratin Care line. Apply especially on T-Zones, which can have excess Keratin. Excess Keratin causes  acne, pore enlargement and dull skin tone. 
I love the scent. It’s sweet, and basically reminds me of roasted black sesame seeds. It has a good exfoliating benefits, that leaves skin soft and supple after use. However, I’m not sure if it’s with the warm lighting in the bathroom, or the compounded heat of the weather and the warming effect, I find my cheeks slightly blushed during the application. So I then rushed to wash it off. It also leave a noticeable moisturizing benefits, so yes, another glowing effect. Overall, it’s again something to use during colder nights. My pores are not really obviously prominent, so I could not really say in a week’s time of using it, if I did get some pore tightening benefits. Will I repurchase, not for the mean time. It’s something I would want to use only once in a while. So, I might buy trial packs of it every now and then. 
SkinFood Black Sugar Mask

Love. Love. Love this Mask! ;-D
I almost boycotted my eBay Seller from sending me those trial packs instead of the SkinFood Rice Masks, which I originally intended to buy. Thankfully, there was Black Sugar Mask, which was the saving grace for the shipping mishaps. 
It has literally sugar grains as exfoliating beads.
Product Description: It’s under the Keratin Care line of SkinFood. For moisturizing and exfoliating wash off scrub mask with minerals, vitamins and glycolic acid. Cleanses and revitalizes the skin.
I love how the sugar grains will eventually melt and blend with the essence. 
What’s to ❤?
  • I love the citrusy scent. It smells of lemon. 
  • I find the luster, brightening, and smoothness benefits really visible the whole time. 
  • No breakouts.
  • It has sebum control benefits, I finally find my face oil/shine free the couple of days I was using it. 
  • It has an evident tightening and lifting benefits. 

The sugar grains can be a bit roughed surface, initially, so if you have sensitive skin or current skin breakouts, I suggest that you do it very gently on the massaging part.Go easy on the circular exfoliating part. But soon, the sugar grains will actually melt. So you’ll be left with an essence, that you can leave on and enjoy for a while.

Overall, this is my must have mask now. I love the immediate sebum control and the brightening effect on my skin. Will I repurchase? Definitely. ;-D


  1. I tried the acai berry mask, black sugar and rice masks. I find the rice masks the best of all three, i dunno i just have a quick question, i did get a zit after applying the black sugar so i dunno if my skin didn't like it or what, i haven't tried it again as well… did u experience any break outs after trying it the first time?


  2. Hi Rose, Thanks for visiting. Rice Mask is a tried and tested favorite of mine too. How many times did you try using the black sugar? Normally, I give it three times before I can tell for sure. So far, the black sugar didn't cause new ones. 🙂


  3. or it might just be my time of the month, you know period,. hahaha! but I will try them again! oh how about an eye cream from skinfood? would you recommend any? thanks for answering my questions ms. des!


  4. Hi Rose, sure, it's a pleasure. ^^ I'm using the SkinFood Platinum Grape Cell Eye Cream for a while now. more than a month, I love the immediate brightening and refreshing effect. Works like an instant \”eye mo\” effect, but I abused my eyes still, I missed sleeps every now and then, so my under eye lines are not getting better nor worse), so I can't really tell. That's why I did not make a review yet. 🙂


  5. Hi. I like your review about this mask and I have a question : I have oily skin and it has some acnes , so can I use this mask ? :). I have used Rice mask and Black sugar mask and I like both of them 🙂


  6. Oh ! Lavender tea salt is cleansing foam , not a mask :-ss . I used the Green tea mask foam 3 months ago .It made my skin clean but I couldn't feel the feeling like when I use mask . I use it once per day 🙂


  7. Hi! The tea salt is a wash off mask. I have a combination skin type. :)) The Acai berry is too rich for my skin type, maybe once in a while usage. 🙂 I don't have a review yet, but I like the SkinFood Royal Honey Mask Gel, it's also a wash off. It's moisturizing minus the greasy feel. The Royal Honey Nutrition Massage Cream on the other hand is also uber moisturizing, best to use it on colder nights. 🙂


  8. And after use Acai berry mask and Olive mask ,does your skin get oily ? SkinFood Royal Honey Mask Gel can anti wrinkle . I purchased it for my mom and she said it moisturized her face , Royal Honey Nutrition Massage Cream is too much moisture for oily skin 😦 , but the hydro massage cream is not 🙂 ( Im'm truly sorry if my English is too bad cuz I'm Vietnamese ) ^^


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