Chase’s US Box is here! ;-D

Yesterday was indeed a great day! I had an epic time watching One Day. I’m still half hearted if I want to get the iBook, but I guess I eventually will. Timely though, around 9pm, the US Box of Chase ย arrived. The shippers from Manila were committed to deliver it. It was rainy and uber late, and still they really tried to look for our address. I guess they don’t want to do a trip back. It’s my son’s box. Toys and goodies are all for him just in time for his birthday from relatives from the US. I’ll show you first what I got…;-D

I’m happy much! ^^ I *heart* them! ;-D
I love the wooden earrings in blue and beige….Turquoise rings overload! ;-D

My hubby’s teenager nephew who we met and visited last time, decided to bestow his precious collections of toys to my son. It’s indeed an honor. It’s like a box full of toys collected over the years and it takes a certain degree of fondness to bequeath them to someone. As a mom too, I think I would have to really like someone to actually decide to hand down my son’s baby toys. ;-D

Unpacking time….MegaBloks Dragons, and more, cookies and biscuits too. ;-D
And here are my son’s precious new friends now at his care… Mega Bloks Dragons and more! ;-D
Action Figures…we were able to sort them out. And they really look that they were treasured. ;-D
We lined them up just to know, which toy box they’ll go.ย 

I feel like Andy of Toy Story just tasked to Chase to take care of them. Awww…


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