Sana Hadanomy Deep Moisturizing Mask Review

Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mask

For a SAHM (stay at home mom) like yours truly, the wonders of do it yourself pampering services never cease to amaze me. Honestly, I’m trotting my ways to DIY’s to catch up with now several lush offerings. I used to indulge in getting service deluxe from salons, it’s a great escape from the corporate bustle and hustles. Now, I have to prioritize (^_* wink!). I’m uber loving how several trivial innovations allow me to have a “me” time at the comfort of my home.

One box with 4 mask sheet is sold for $12.99+
It’s a mask with nutritive benefits of Collagen for that soft, supple, bouncy, youthful looking skin! ;-D
Although, there’s no English instructions, the image are pretty self explanatory on how to use the mask. And have no fear, the website of Artie contains all the details that you will need.:-D
Here’s the mask laid flat. The cut/space in the cheek areas allow for a better fitting enough to contour the shape of the whole face. ;-D So yes, this is a weird Man in the Iron Mask look. ^^

How to use it?ย Use after a cleansed, and toned face.ย Remember to keep your hair away from your face. And when it’s on, avoid moving so much, it’s intended for a cozy, head tilted upwards application. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. I wanted to leave it longer like the usual 30 minutes, but I felt that the sheet was drying up. There’ll be some leftover essence from the pack, plenty actually, you can massage it after. But I found it overflowing, that I actually just folded the pack, and placed it in the ref, then re used the essence the next day.ย No need to rinse after.ย So it’s actually a makeshift sleeping mask. It’s recommended to apply moisturizer after, but oh my, it’s pretty rich so I’m happy with just on it.ย 

There’ll be slight dripping of the essence, so I recommend opening in near the sink.ย 
The essence is a little bit on the watery side. But don’t confuse it with the moisturizing effect, because not to preempt, this is one uber deep moisturizing product.
Mask Time! ;-D By the way, I’m wearing my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo. Pretty! ;-Dย 
All set! ^

What’s to โค?

  • Despite the weirder mask shape, the slits are actually ingenious additions. I’m on a cheeky side, but still, the mask is fitted tight to aptly contour my face.
  • Deep moisturizing indeed. As in. My skin literally shines and sparkles from that intense moisturizing effect.
  • It actually calms few of my red, skin irritations, which I usually get after a long day, and from a bath.
  • No break outs. Just to really get a feel of the product, I used two mask sheets one day after another. And in between, I used the left over essence as my makeshift moisturizers.ย 
  • Love the smell. It reminded me of lychee, but there’s something specific, but I just can’t connect it yet. But it’s fruity scented.
  • There’s a cooling, freshening feel while the mask is on.ย 
  • Is the cut for the mouth a little bit on the petite side? I mean, I’m on the smaller sized mouth/lips per se, but mine filled the mouth area.ย 
  • I have four mask sheets, two left, to last me three more weeks on it. So about the Collagen benefits, moisturizing and hydrating is a way to preserve a youthful looking skin. If I use this alongside other skin care products with targeted benefits depending on my need ala wrinkle alleviation, pore refining, then maybe yes, I can maximize the potential benefits of this products in time. ;-Dย 
    • For a more detailed benefits of Collagen, I found this article greatly useful. Please see here.
  • Price point…One full mask for about Php 140 is not bad. But since, you have to buy it in a box, then it might be a bit pricey for $13, if you just wanted momentarily pampering session, and wants to do mask hopping from one type or brand to another.
  • If you’re on the oily skin type side, I think you have to shy away from this. Unless, you apply it over a cool night. Because, the moisture level is really rich and heavy. I find my face oozing with moisture for the past several days such that I’m skipping a moisturizer session, just to normalize everything.
  • The SANA brand is from Japan. And it is sold online by Artie, a NY based online shopping site for Asian Skin Care products. Japan seems so near to us in the Philippines, but since it’s not yet sold by local online sellers (eBay.ph), then you have to order it from the US. The silver lining is I checked, the shipping fee is not so much, especially if you combine it with several items, but for US based customers, they actually have a free shipping for a certain purchase price point. And sometimes, I seemed to notice that Artie also offers seasonal free shipping worldwide for a certain purchase.ย 
    • For perspective, Artie shipped my items last August 15, 2011, and I got them (Angeles City, Philippines) September 5. ย 
Before mask application.
After. I glow! ^^

Overall, this is another DIY innovation that gives both instant pampering and nutritive benefits. I’ll be happy to include them in my weekly skin care regimen too. The collagen mask is part of the Hadanomy Collagen Series of the brand. Please do check out the full lines.

Please click on the image to start shopping for SANA Hadanomy.

Disclaimer: These products are sent to me by Artie for review. I did not receive any compensation for this post. Ravings and rantings expressed in this post are mine.


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