Join the FitFlop Craze! ;-D

While on my usual FB stalking, FitFlop Philippines’ status today got me curious, and made me… Oh My! 

Awww! 🙂 I need to catch up! ^^ 
 Mine. I’m way too far behind. 😀
Not Mine. Someone else’s collections uploaded on FitFlop FB Page. They seemed to be buying them like they’re M&M’s. ;-D
And this one is love.FitFlop Hooper Mid Calf Suede sells for €180. ;-D
I’ve been raving about them time and time again here and here too. ;-D So yes, now more than ever, I’m on a quest to join the FitFlop™ craze. 
Please do check out about the clamor in the Philippines by visiting the official FitFlop™ Philippines FB Page here.


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