SM Baby Company Exhibit and Symposium at SM Makati

“Nourish with Love. Breastfeed.” is the theme of SM Baby Company’s Exhibit and Symposium as culminating activity for  Celebrate Breastfeeding Month this August.
Mommy and Child Portraits ;-D

Yesterday, my first stop was to visit the ongoing event of SM Baby Company at The Concourse of SM Makati. There was a scheduled Breastfeeding Symposium in the afternoon, but I have to miss it since I have to attend another event. Baby Company is among my top destination back when Chase was still a baby and up until he’s a toddler. It’s a one stop shop for baby care needs.

Top Baby Care Brands and Products are showcased and are even on SALE. ;-D
Chase is a certified Philips Avent baby. ;-D 
Pigeon, Chicco, Playtex among others join the exhibit for most of your Baby Care Needs. Paintings with Mom and Child Theme are also showcased fronting the entrance to the exhibit.
A Symposium was scheduled in the afternoon for Moms. 
This fashionable Baby Sling sells for P995. ;-D
Mommy and Child Bonding Moments. Priceless. ;-D

I wish I was able to attend such events before. Because I wasn’t really successful on this field. This is one activity that I and Chase didn’t aced. That’s why I was grateful for owning a Philips Avent Breast Pump, at least it made up for it. I’m delighted to visit the event, it makes me look forward to more shopping experience at the Baby Company, just in case in the future. ;-D And I have to say it, I wanted to spend more time in SM Makati, the shoe selections and everything else, are so feast to my eyes. I’ll definitely plan my next SM Makati trip. After quickly visiting, I had to leave for SM Mall of Asia. My 2nd of my 3rd mall destination for the day. ;-D

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