I’m no show to Kim Hyun Joong!

For the past few days, I’m sourgraping over not making it to Kim Hyun Joong’s Manila 2011 events. As of posting time, I’m pretty sure everyone is going gaga over there at Trinoma for The Face Shop’s event with him. I made a last minute attempt to make it to Manila today. My friend, Tonipet, already agreed to meet me at the venue, so I actually had a ride back home. I was supposed to take the bus and leave here at 3pm after picking up my son, Chase, from school. But, from the FB streams, it seems that people since yesterday actually came in super early, and then fall in line to get a good spot. Since, it’s too late to get my entrance ticket via last minute shopping at The Face Shop, I actually had to bring my DLSR telephoto lens just to get a good shot of him. It’s that heavy, and if I have to take the bus, then I will have to risk traveling with it. It’s against my good judgement especially with the bad weather. So I decided to ditch the last minute escapade. ;-(

Awwww! Sigh! ^_^ 

I told my son, that I was sad for having to miss seeing Ji Hoo. He knows him by that name because he actually sported a Halloween Costume as Dr. Ji Hoo. ;-D

I happily settled with a date to my Dr. Ji-Hoo Chase! ;-D

After picking him up from school, I treated him at De Paolo’s for Potato Croquettes, while amidst my sourgraping, I ate a 3 layer Ham & Cheese Sandwich, and Half Tuna Sandwich. I can’t be sad and hungry at the same time! ;-D

Last time KHJ was here, I didn’t actually now about it because we just came from the US. But this time, I can’t really ditch my mommy duties, and rendezvous with him. So I’m seriously scheduling a Korea Trip next year, a privilege “me” time to just be crazy with whomever. ;-D Come to think of it, now, it’s like dejavu years years ago, when the group of Bret the Hitman Hart of WWF, came to the Philippines. I think I was a 6th grader or older. LoL. My dad told me that he’ll actually take us to Araneta to see the show, and he was seriously running late, or he was just teasing us. I remembered crying my heart’s out then. But of course, now, I’m more mature (am I?) ;-). So yes, I’ll just do some major stalking as soon as people start posting their pictures of him and of the event.


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