Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine #05 Flair Lakers’ Purple

Here’s my nail for the week…

Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Flair 

This is another of my Sally Hansen Nail Colors Haul. These is my second Lacquer Shine, and the color is really pigmented. Since I’m not an expert yet, I actually had to wait for my nails to be done by an expert. And I love how the Flair Color reminded me so much of the Lakers. So if you have a hubby who is a solid Lakers/Kobe Bryant fan, like yours truly, then this might just be the perfect accessories to sport to earn a good will from him. LoL. ;-D

Flair Love! ;-D

The color provides a multi-faceted shine and finish. Super nice. Just like most Sally Hansen’s, they’re fast drying. But, as I’ve noted last time, the Lacquer Shine are not as chip-proof as the Diamond Strength Line. They’re pretty enough to last you a day or an event, or even longer. If you’re not as klutzy as I am, they’re safe, and pretty much affordable than the Diamond Strength Lines. 


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