The Skin Shop Magic Bright BB Cream

This is another BB Cream from The Skin Shop, and I have to say, BB Creams are pretty addictive. ;-D This product is such a good pictorial subject, so this post is a bit picture heavy. ^_^

The Skin Shop BB Magic Bright BB Cream with reinforced benefits on Anti-Wrinkle, UV Protecting with SPF 30 PA ++, and Whitening! ^_^

Ingredients: Lemon Extract, Papaya, Angelica Keiskei/Ashitaba, Rice Bran

Description: BB Cream with multi-funtional nutritive benefits for clearer, and brighter skin.

The Skin Shop Magic Bright BB Cream comes in 40g size and solid cylindrical packaging.
Back part has no english instructions but the box has. 
Glitzy top and bottom packaging. I *heart* the pump spout. ;-D
Hygienic pump spout with cover. 
Me! Plain Jane, and All dolled up! ;-D

This is my 2nd BB Cream from The Skin Shop, the first, which I think is already heaven sent is the Premium BB Cream. I had a great time prettifying with that one, so when I got the Magic Bright, it was  a bittersweet moment for me. I had to give the Premium BB Cream a break, and shift to Magic Bright. At the same time, I had higher expectation of the Magic Bright because it’s a bit priced higher than the Premium. It sells for 24,000 won ($24), the Premium sells for 22,000.

Provides light to medium coverage with sheer finish. Notice how my moles slightly became less prominent. 
You don’t really need much. I learned it from my first few tries. Its consistency is almost like a liquid foundation (reminded me of Kanebo), so it’s easier to blend and to spread. 

Application Guidelines:
Apply all over face, after morning skin care routine succeeding the moisturizer. Luckily, my face is still enjoying a luxurious escargot diet (^_*) also from The Skin Shop. Seriously, I’m using their Recovery Solution Cream Option to apply using the fingertips or brush. I pumped just as little product on my hand. Although, you can also do it on a mixing palette or a petri dish, if you want to be particular about it. Remember, that although it needs to cover up blemishes, discolorations, acne marks, etc., the BB Cream needs to blend with your natural skin color 😀

True to its product name, Magic Bright, the coverage is indeed bright. First time I applied it, I was like, isn’t too fair for my skin tone? Thankfully, it blended just fine. ^_^
I’m using a Lioele No. 3 Foundation brush, which I would rave about as soon as I compared it with another foundation brush I’m getting. Over time, remember that I was pretty newbie to BB Creams with only less than a year of using them, I finally got acquainted on how to get a superior finish for my applications. Although I’m using a foundation brush and not a stippling brush, so when I apply the cream I like paint my face with it, but I still do stippling per se in applying it on my nose, especially the sides of it, and on my upper and lower lips area, and on creases and folds. I finish the application, by actually stippling the cream all over to make sure I reach and cover all areas. This way, I  don’t really need a lot of the product. 

I’m all done with my BB Cream. Photo taken without flash. Notice that it didn’t entirely cover my discolorations.
Photo documentation. It’s a bit shiny and bright without the powder pact. I wouldn’t really mind wearing it by itself if I”ll be staying indoor on an air-conditioned area, or if I’ll be on a country not as sunny as the Philippines. But since with the humidity and temperature, I have to sweat/shine proof my face. 

 So what’s to love? A whole lot! ;-D

  • Lightweight/Non-greasy, surprisingly, even it appears to be a bit shiny, but I think that’s the main idea of the product to give off a healthy glow. 
  • I prefer the consistency, with it almost being liquid, for easier blending, for economical perusal, and better for the skin, the less, the better. 
  • The finish, if used together with other fixers like the powder pact or a makeup setting mist, would actually be almost poreless.
  • The pump and spout provide more hygienic application. And this pump is actually easier to regulate, so you know how little or hard to press for your desired quantity. 
  • It’s lightly scented but would actually be unscented on your face. 
  • It has a good lasting and sebum control effect. I don’t really turn the a/c on during the day, and I do a bit of trips outdoor when I drop and pick up my son from school, but it lasted me the whole day, with only minor touch ups needed when I took photos for another post like last time
  • Superficial, I love the artwork of the packaging, and the added chrome-like finish on the pump (top side) and on the bottom. It’s in line with it’s Magic Bright theme and claim.
  • Better SPF offering. 
  • Best of all, no breakouts! Yay! ;-D
So what’s not to love?
  • The packaging is a bit bulky, with it being solid form, unlike if it’s a tube.
  • Not sold locally, only available online. 
  • It comes only in one shade. It’s a bit on the fair to uber fair side, I’m just thankful that it blended with mine, and I was able to pull off the look. But when I first used it, I had to do a second take, if I’m not really white ladyish. I had to ask my friend if I look okay. She said yes. 😀
  • I have a noticeable discolorations on my right cheeks, they’re still pretty noticeable given the coverage is only light to medium. 


  • Price – it’s a bit pricey for $24 about Php 1000 plus, considering that this is still a new brand. This seemed to be true, if you compare it with the more popular Korean brand players in the country. And even if you buy online (Ebay or Multiply) for other Korean brands, most would be priced at most Php 1000. Although, it seemed to propose a more premium branding, hence for the pricing strategy. And for my overall experience with the brand, I wouldn’t really mind paying for that. Remember that I got my first BB Cream in the store for way more than that.
  • Anti-wrinkle – luckily I don’t really have any significant problem areas, and I didn’t really use it that long to realize the total effect. 
  • Whitening – I’m on the fair side, and I don’t really stay out, so if i get any fairer, I wouldn’t really notice, and friends couldn’t really tell the difference. 
Me! Taken with flash. Complete makeup and all! ;-D
I was also wearing The Skin Shop Magic Bright BB Cream. Photo taken without flash. ;-D 
Overall, since I only tried 4 BB Creams, I’m ranking it first! 😀 I’ll happy to finish it. Although it would probably take me a long time, hopefully not before the end of its shelf life to finish it, unless I start to doll up more often. Not unless of course, I find another brand that will outrank it. ;-D Will I repurchase? If there’s only four choices, I would. But there’s so much more BB Creams to try. From The Skin Shop line up alone. I have two more to try. Then I would want to try the IRIS line too. 

For more details about The Skin Shop, please visit their official sites.

Disclaimer: As part of The Skin Shop worldwide marketing campaign, the brand is holding a product review campaign to chosen bloggers from all over. I’m again included in the second round, so I received another set of products from them, although I paid the necessary local custom dues to get them. Description, Active Ingredients, and the Benefits are all provided by the company. But the ravings and rantings are mine. ;-D


  1. Hi Lizzie, most BB creams now have reinforced benefits, but immediately in can hide the marks and the blemishes, depending on the coverage. I haven't been using them that too long to realize the other benefits like the whitening, anti-wrinkle…:)


  2. oh i love ur blors ! :)) i love bb creams :)) especially the bb cream of nature republic ., anyways a while ago ive read that ur an avon dealer also ?? ., im dying to look for avon dealer here in our place ., but theres nothing 😦 can i just order to you ?


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