The Skin Shop Iris Ampoule Wrinkle Mask Pack

Ooh la la! If you’re subscribing to my FB, and The Skin Shop’s FB Page, you’ll know that this is one of the product included in my second loot sent to me by the brand. ;-D Since I only have one pack of it, I’m not expecting uber dramatic results. Not to preempt my overall review, but this is such a joy to apply. This is already discounting the fact that my son found it really creepy, hence he actually left me by myself and let me enjoy ample amount of “me” time, until I finally removed the mask. ^_^

The Skin Shop Iris Ampoule Mask Pack is a thing of beauty! ^_^

I had a great time documenting this product because I love the French Theme of the The Skin Shop IRIS line. I *heart* the iconic Eiffel Tower. The whole package made me want to relieve my Paris Trip back in 2005. Hence, I actually included one of our travel keepsake in the photo. A tidbit though, The Skin Shop is actually fond of incorporating French themes in their overall portfolio. Iris is an enduring symbol dating back to the French Monarchy as a Fleur-de-Lis or a Stylized Lily/Iris. It’s a thing of beauty, indeed. ;-D Anyway, on with the show…

This is from the IRIS line of The Skin Shop. It is mask pack with reinforced benefit of Anti-Wrinkle given the Adenosine. Other benefit is moisturizing for that silky and smooth finish. ;-D
The packaging appeals to International market, it has both Hangul, English, and other languages in their labels. 
The mask is soft but strong like a baby wipe only thicker. The consistency of the essence is just right. It’s not too sticky, and not too fluid either,  so it will not be drippy.
Here’s the mask when dried and laid flat. I saved it for the fun of it. Reminds me of Leo DiCaprio in Man in the Iron Mask! ;-D

How to use it: Use after a cleansed, pat dried face. Remember to keep your hair away from your face. And when it’s on, avoid moving so much, it’s intended for a cozy, head tilted upwards application. The mask is not actually glued, so if you move, like I did, you have to do some minor refitting.

Great! I look pretty eh! ;-D 

It’s a bit too big for my face (Yayy! For once, I have a smaller face than the intended average user! ^_^).  It extended over my hair line. That’s why I mentioned to make sure to keep hair away from the face.

What’s to ❤?

  • It smells so great, refreshingly floral scent. 
  • The consistency of the essence is not too fluid, and not too sticky, I was expecting it to drip, while fitting the mask to my face, a little bit of tugging and pulling here and there to get it right, but it didn’t drip. 
  • It’s so refreshingly relaxing. There’s a bit of a cooling feel.
  • After applying, there’s an immediate moisturizing effect, which makes my skin more supple.
  • It has also a calming effect because I usually get minor skin reddening on face after taking a shower, so it was there before I applied the mask, and was surprisingly gone after washing off. So yes, no skin irritations and break outs with this product. 
  • It’s value for money. ;-D For a full mask, it sells for 2000 won (about 2$) on The Skin Shop official site . The time it was on, the pampering “me” time is priceless. 
What’s not to ❤?
  • Major consideration, it’s not yet available locally (Philippines).
  • Noticed that there is an area on both my cheeks not covered. I wish the nose flap when laid flat, would actually be extended, so once you put it on, the both end of the flaps would cover the whole cheeks. 
After washing and cooling off. Free from anything. 
After having a restful sleep. One my way to hear Mass with just moisturizer (The Skin Shop Recovery Solution Cream) on. And some lip tints. ;-D No frills effect. But seriously, I was actually running late, no time to doll up! ;-D
Overall, I wish I can get more of this mask pack. I’m hoping to see the realized anti-wrinkle effect of the mask. The pampering time, with the moisturizing benefits are compelling enough to include this in my skin care regimen and my weekly pampering ritual. ^_^ Will I repurchase? Definitely, in a heartbeat. 
So far, I find myself incorporating more and more of The Skin Shop products on my skin care regimen. Hopefully, they can find their way soon in the local market. Please check out more of their product portfolio on the following sites:

Disclaimer: As part of The Skin Shop worldwide marketing campaign, the brand is holding a product review campaign to chosen bloggers from all over. I’m again included in the second round, so I received another set of products from them, although I paid the necessary local custom dues to get them. Description, Active Ingredients, and the Benefits are all provided by the company. But the ravings and rantings are mine. ;-D

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  1. I actually never tried The Skin Shop, but next time I see it I will give it a try. When I am in Seoul I always go to Etude House, I really like their packaging and the products are really good too. I think they opened a store recently in the Philippines.Did you ever try 3D masks?


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