Blog Awards in Three’s and a PR

My First, thanks to the adorable and uber fashionable author of Squeeze the Pug ;-D
Now my third, and another love from the author of Squeeze the Pug. ^_^
Yayy! They come in three’s! My second, and more love from the gorgeous author of Squeeze the Pug. ;-D
Happy Days are here again! ;-D I’m super grateful for these three recognitions awarded to my other site. I’m both honored and humbled by these, and they were given by the author of Squeeze the Pug, who is one of the most fashionable doctor/blogger I met in the blogosphere. She hoards Chanel, Hermes, LV’s like she’s buying M&M’s. If you haven’t met her yet, please do so. I happened to meet her when I joined her Chanel Giveaway. Yes, she’s that awesome!ย 
In accepting these awards, I have to share six random or not so random facts about me.ย 
1). I actually have another blog solely dedicated to my Korean drama addictions and their pretty boys. It’s my channel to vent out all my giddiness and obsession of drama, drama, drama. Since with this site, I’m more demure on my craziness over them. It’s actually a site initially dedicated to Jang Geun Suk, who plays the lead (Tae Kyung) in You’re Beautiful. In fairness, I was objective on my ravings, he’s truly a versatile actor if you’ll see him in Beethoven Virus, and Itaewon Homicide. Until, I realized that he’s so much prettier than the girls, and me. haha! That’s when I found my true love with Lee Joon Gi, who looked a bit my husband. Although my friends would say that my hubby is more handsome. Hands down! ;-D Of course, love your own! I call this blogย Noona Diaries, Noona is the older sister or a honorific title of senior female to younger boys. In reality, I think I’m more of an ahjumma already. An older female around 30ish. ^_^ This blog although is being neglected, for anything else is awarded a PR1. Thank you Mr. G! ;-D
Lee Joon Gi (Jun Ki) Fighting! He’ll be out in the military service Feb 2012! โœŒ
My Hubby, Daddy JB. ๐Ÿ˜€
2). I’m the eldest of all the cousins in my mom’s side. So I’m called “ate” or “atchi” forever. And it’s a pleasure to be called one. It takes a lot of responsibility though, because you have to be a role model to all of them. Although, I think most of my aunts and uncles are pretty disappointed to see me quit corporate employment. Because they all never failed, as in, to ask me every time, when will ย I go back to work. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
My Cousins! ;-D I’m proud to be their “ate”! ย The baby I’m with below is one of the gals. She’s that taller and prettier too! ;-D
3). You know how they always use the bushy brows to show someone’s transformation to an ugly duckling to a swan, ala “Blusang Itim” moments, I had those moments too. Even now, if I neglect them. haha! ^_^ I’m super thankful to the Marionnaud’s Tweezers. They save me a trip to the salon.
Killer Brows! ;-D
4). It’s just only now, after almost 6 years, that my weight is back to my pre-pregnancy scale. Yes! It took me that long. If you’ll ask me how I did it? The most unhealthy way possible. I missed sleep for almost four months, even when I was on a Boracay vacation. Not deliberate! My sleeping hours would start 4:30 am to 9 am. Because I was truly, deeply saddened and affected onย losing a young friend. We love and miss you Din. But she’s in a better and happier place now. ;-D ย It’s only very recent that I started sleeping within the normal hours. This surreal happening in our lives, plus being used to meal replacement, made me go back (finally!!!) to my pre-pregnancy weight. Come to think of it, I’ve been on a diet since high school. How sad?!ย 
On my birthday, December 2010, with her. She went to heaven March 8, 2011. ย She’ll just turn 18 this September 12.ย 
5) I’m actually good at playing basketball then, which my hubby finds unbelievable. ^_^ Back in high school, I was a cheerleader for two years, then eventually became a basketball player. I remembered winning the MVP award for our third year, and fourth year Intramurals. Comments? Violent reactions? Oh! I have the medals to prove them. ;-Dย 
Two years ago during a company affair. I played again after years. ^_^ We actually won! ๐Ÿ˜€
6). Lastly, I want to share these awards to my fellow bloggers who inspires me one way or another, not in particular order…
  • Mommy Ces of Mom Daughter Styleย – She’s my school mate back in my Holy Family Days. She’s one great mommy blogger. I only just reconnected with her this year, too bad.ย 
  • Mommy Wendy of My Rocking Cradleย – She’s another one hot and cool mama. She’s my window to Seoul.ย 
  • Charles of Wickermoss – She’s a lifestyle blogger living in Manila (for the mean time;-D). She’s one of my first few followers and commenters when I launched my FB Page. She’s one gorgeous gal. Although, I haven’t had the chance to meet her in person. Hopefully soon. ;-D
  • Mommy Jo of Cogito Ergo Sumย – She’s also a lifestyle blogger. She provided a welcoming smile, and actually showed me around on one of the few media events I attended. ย ;-D
  • Mommy Eliza of Lyza Laneย – She’s a mommy blogger who remains to be a constant supporter of my site. She also gave me encouraging notes when I launched my first ever giveaway. She also gave me an award, which to my procrastination didn’t wrote about it. It’s on my Awards Page. Thank You! ;-D
  • Coline of PinkChinaDollย – She’s another supportive and as pretty as a China doll blogger. She lives within my area, but I haven’t had the chance to meet her. Hopefully soon. I hope to get my son’s birthday cake from her soon. ;-D
  • Mommy Joy of Notepad Corner – She’s another great mommy blogger. She’s my PostNJoy buddy. I especially owe her a big thank you for signing up under me on Entrecard before. ;-Dย 
  • And of course, the giver of these awards, the pretty author of Squeeze the Pug. I can only dream on to be as stylished, and as accomplished as her. I hope in this lifetime. ;-D

Oh! I don’t mean to write another novel. So I’m cutting it short, but I have to dedicate these awards to my family, to my uber supportive hubby, my adorable son, Chase, who now very recently found his way around my MacBook (competition alert!!!), my parents, my brother, my sister and his family, and my Doligosa family. Okay, feeling Oscars’ Awardee, pressure pressure! ;-D

Christmas 2010 with the Doligosa Family. Not on photo are my two sister in laws, who both live in the US. ;-D
New Year’s Eve 2011 with the Romero Family. ;-D

Thank you again. ;-D


  1. hi Mommy Des, thanks a lot for the awards and these interesting info about you. Im so sorry to hear about Din. I was always in the cheering team in HS even in college for one year. Btw,I will also be hosting Uprinting. I received an email from them 2 days ago. Congratulations on your so many fans in FB!


  2. Hi Des! Thanks so much for the 3 great awards and of course for the very kind words ๐Ÿ™‚ So happy not only of the awards but for gaining another friend here in blogniverse!Keep on writing fab articles! mwah!


  3. Dear Dez,I should thank you too not only for the lovely comments that you have left me but also this: Yesterday my husband and I were on a road trip, we were listening to Lee Seung Gi song about Because you're my girl..Noona and he asked me if I knew the meaning. And haha.. I knew the meaning of Noona because I read your explanation on your other blog… Needless to say he was impressed. Im very sorry to hear about your recent loss of your friend Din. She was so young and the loss seem unexpected.It's quite irritating to hear other people slagging off another woman on being a stay-at-home mom. It is hard enough being a woman and having to bring up and nuture a child. Regardless, you are a role model to your son and inspiration to many of your readers. p/s: I think Im an Ahjumma too.


  4. hi des, thanks for sharing the award. i haven't gotten one since almost two years ago hahaha…yeah, thanks for being generous about yourself here. it makes readers want for more:-)… not to mention that you have the credibility to make skin care and cosmetic reviews.


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