Kinect Dance Central, KitKat Orange, and Calories

I know that exercise is really good for the heart. But because it never fails me, every time I try my best to exercise I ended up being so hungry in the end. So I decided to save it for later (soon!). Anyway, it’s the same principle given to those on a special diet, exercise will come on a later phase. See here, I’m rationalizing. ✌

Anyway yesterday, I had the brilliant idea to finally start playing Kinect again. I guess I could be a tech savvy mom too. But more than that, it’s to actually manage all the excuses and delaying tactics on my aversion to exercise, that’s why hubby got me Dance Central and Sports Central. And these two actually can make me sweat hard! ;-D

I’m a frustrated dancer, so this is definitely my kind of thing! πŸ˜€
This is my Dance Floor. I use the Pilates Mat. ;-D Sorry about the photo quality. This is the last day of my DSLR’s vacation. ^_^
The Dance Central has now an option to do workout mode. And my weight is…secret! ^_^
After three songs in the workout mode, with this one being one of the hardest supposedly (Just Dance by Lady Gaga), 8 minutes on my workout, I only burned 31 calories. And I was like, come on! I was out of breath and all sweaty pants! ;-D

Since it’s been a while since I last danced (LoL), I usually started with break it down mode, Β where in it will walk you through all the steps. And of course, I have to stick with my favorites, gradually going from one level of difficulty to another. Yesterday I started out with C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train), Move Ya Body, Push It, Just Dance. And I was, that’s it for me.

I always do this song, I hope to progress on my level soon. ;-D

And here’s the best part, after burning 31 calories, I had these for desserts…

My hubby got us these. They’re suppose to be free from artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. The orangey flavor is just right. Hence, I ate two! 214 calories!

Good enough for me! At least I did my share of sweating it out. Better luck next time. ^_*Β 


  1. those two stands at the back of the sofa are part of your HTS, right?it makes me wish we could rearrange furniture again!!! i've got to transform the children's playroom into a tv room so i could put the speakers in all the right corners hahaha. (so out of topic???? hehehehe)


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