Etude House Aloha Water Veil Fixer Mist

Skincare Facial Mist from the Etude House Aloha Lines Php 478

This is one of the major item included in my recent Etude House loot, and I actually took time to use it before this review. ;-D

The Luau Girl is just so irresistibly pretty, I just had to get it! ^_*

Using facial mist is not so new to me. This one I can honestly say I know the deal. I’ve been using one since the circa “Anonymous” brand conception, and then eventually to its ill timed closure. Yes, it’s that long. I eventually used Evian Facial Mist as my daily skin care staple since then. Evian is similary packaged like the Etude House. Only cheaper. I remembered I started with Evian for less than Php 200, now it’s more than that. I have another facial mist brand, given as a gift, from a Herbalife skincare lines.

It comes in an aerosol spray canister for that uber fine mists all over! ;-D
It has “various nutritious and moisturizing ingredients”. It “rapidly replenishes skin’s moisture level, and restoring balance”.

Product Usage: Use in addition to daily moisturizer under or over makeup, whenever skin feels thirsty.

Back on my corporate sales career, my work hours were mostly spent on doing field work on various retail environments of the consumer product industry, supermarkets, groceries, public markets, even side street accounts, the likes. There was no BB Cream then in my vocabulary.  I had a Mac Studio Fix and a Kanebo Faircrea compact, which I bought out of impulse for over Php 2500. After my daily rounds of fieldwork, after I stepped back into my car, I bathe my face with the Evian then. I just let it air dry. And them I’m okay. No Frills. I even let Chase, who was still a toddler then, had a feel of the mist. Just to keep him entertained, and refreshed. ;-D

So I was totally not sure how to incorporate facial mist in make ups. And it even said use under or ever. So I tested it out…

  • First try, over Blemish Balm (BB) Cream. I was hesitant to use it when I’m all done with eye make up and all. 
  • Second day, under BB Cream, right after applying moisturizer. 
  • Next try, I used it with full makeup on as an anytime refreshing and hydrating mist. 
My preference, better use it after BB Cream application as a functional makeup setting spray, to keep makeup in place for longer hours.
I prefer spritzing it all over my face after my BB Cream. My face is still a little bit damp.

The BB cream didn’t smudge after applying, worries aside. Just let it air dry, or fan dry it in a jiffy. I don’t really like to shine, since I naturally do, so I prefer to finish it off by dusting a pact after for a matte, satin like effect. I noticed that with the Etude House Water Veil Fixer Mist over my BB Cream, and under my powder pact, it leaves a more flawless, and even almost poreless finish.

After Moisturizer, BB Cream, Etude House Facial Mist, and lastly finish it off with powder pact! ;-D
FOTD: Basic Makeup ^_* taken without flash.
FOTD: Taken with flash. ^_^
Photo taken after 2 hours. I need to blot it out a bit with an oil control film.  But noticed, how my blush is still as nicely set. ;-D

After taking the latest picture, I sprayed the mist over my face again, just to test it out, which you would not normally do if you’re in the office or in the mall, with the a/c on. But just in case, you would need to refresht when you’re out there traveling and sight seeing, it doesn’t smudge the make up or cause it to cake. So yes, it’s true that you can spritz it whenever you feel like it. ;-D

For a Php 478 facial mist, I wanted to maximize and to explore all its functions. If I want to use it as a stand alone, or as a makeup base, or for anytime spritzing needs. So yes, it does its share of being a multifunctional skincare product. And for that, I’m relieved. ;-D

What’s to ❤?

  • I really do love the uber fine mists. 
  • I love that Etude House unique lightly floral, fruity scent. 
  • I love the art work, mainly the luau girl, the frustrated beach babe me.
  • The nutritive junkie me, just fell for that nutritious and moisturizing benefits. Although, I don’t really know what’s in it, with the ingredients being written in Hangul. 
  • I love it’s multi-functional usage. Makes paying for the amount worth it.
  • Best of all, and the most crucial, didn’t break me out! 
What’s not to ❤?
  • The aerosol spray packaging has its share of setbacks. First, it’s not normally allowed on air travel. 
  • And secondly, the sprayer head is detachable, you have to child proof it, or even reminder to myself, to securely cover it after, because once its gone, it’s goodbye forever. The product is useless, since you cannot transfer it like how a mist on a regular atomizer bottle is. 
  • It can be a bit bulky, it has a solid form, unlike if it’s curvy shape, pear or, what have you.
Overall, I’ll be happy to use it all the time, with or without makeup on. It’s actually suited for our sunny weather. I recommend it especially to my field sales colleagues (oh! memories back in my corporate years!), having a facial mist with a great scent is a skin care staple. And true to its being a Veil Fixer, it does its share of being a makeup setting mist. Will I repurchase? Definitely. ;-D

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  1. I never tried any facial mist products before and I guess it's about time for me to try one :)Too bad I just bought Bubble Hair Color a week ago, I guess I should pay EH another visit.


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