Urban Decay is on SALE :-D

For the past days, I’ve been restless and bothering most of my friends and relatives in the US (sorry and thank you!;-P), because I saw the sign…

I have a makeshift US shipping address. I was hoping to use my PayPal then just have it shipped to my relatives’ address, since Urban Decay doesn’t do international shipping, unlike Sigma. Unfortunately though, it needed a PayPal US based account. Sorry for me. But I’m relentless, I need to shop! And thankfully I have my friends who lovingly agreed (due to my endless insisting, maybe) to do that for me. I thought hard, needs vs. whims. Whims win! ;-D But I did my best to rationalize. Now, I’m super excited. I hope to get them sometime September or October.✌

It’s a good compromise because I was expecting to complete my Lioele Haul, but I missed the sale period. Stingy! LoL!  So I instead got several eye makeup from Urban Decay, I totally welcome the change of plans. Although, I hope to complete another round of Korean Skincare and Makeup retail therapy session very soon.  ✌ Shop now


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