DIY from a loose capri pants to a not too skimpy shorts :-D

My Precious! EC (Edward Cullen) Forever Top! ;-D

Go Team Edward! Fighting! ;-D I was getting ready to attend a thanksgiving dinner over at our family friend’s place in our village. And then I saw my EC Forever Top, which I got at Target and wore on the first screening day of Eclipse. I made sure! So yes, I’m in the mood to be a cheerleader (I was actually!;-P), so I might as well dress the part. So while I was scavenging on my closet on what to pair it with, I came across a hand me down pants that was a bit on the traditional side…a loose fitting capri denim pants. I actually accepted it because I had a vision of what I could make out of it, but i was dilly dallying the trip to the tailor.ย I had an epiphany, so I went to work…

I fitted it, then marked the length. Cut it with the regular scissors (nothing fancy), then folded the rest, then did a back stitch on the shown areas to both side of the pants. ;-D
Voilร ! My not too skimpy shorts! ;-Dย 
Instant Outfit! ;-D ย Sorry about the photo, I told you my DSLR is on vacation without me.ย 

It took me about 30 minutes to do everything. Indeed, if there’s a will, there’s a way! Save the Cheerleader, Save the World! ;-D

To complete the ensemble, I’m wearing my FitFlop Hooper and my Coach Sling Bag.ย 


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