Talk Korea Electronics Show, and your guy might hear you out! :-D

If your like me who’s so into everything Korean, this might be a great maneuvering idea to get yourself a trip to Korea. This is by raving about Korea’s biggest electronics show to your hubby or boyfriend, or even to your marketing, R&D, or customer development department boss or colleague, if your in the consumer electronics and lighting company like I used to work for, by pitching in about this event. And  You might just convince him to take a quick trip to KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do Korea, of course with you!✌  Let’s face it, I think guys are a little bit wary on sending us, ladies, to Korea. Perhaps apart from Korea’s being one of the great shopping destination for skincare, cosmetics, fashion, all thing bright and glitzy, and more, it’s the home to the pretty boys of KPop and KDramas. ;-D So here’s a timely workaround…

Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011
Over 1000 companies from 30 different countries will participate at the Korea  Electronics Show! 😀

The main selling point:

  • The Exhibition Field will feature ICT, Imaging and Solutions, Multimedia and Home Entertainment, Living Consumer Electronics, Car Electronics and Securities, Convergence and Other applications, Modules, Parts and Materials.

I think among the product portfolio to be showcased on the event, the Multimedia and Home Entertainment, Living Consumer Electronics, and Car Electronics are aptly convincing. And let’s not even forget that Korea is the home of LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics, which most of our home appliances are either one or the other. So yes, we have a winner here! 😀

And while you’re at it, keep it simple, “Be Smart!”, like the theme of KES 2011. Tell him, that it will be happening October 12-15, 2011 at Gyeonggi Province, Korea. It’s about 90 minutes via public transport from Seoul. So yes, with the expected 800 firms, of which 200 are foreign firms, those will be enough to keep someone from being blissfully entertained You will not be missed if you then decide to take a day trip to Seoul to get your Korean Cosmetics Fix. 

Visit Hwaseong Fortress is a Historic Treasure Destination and included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, in Suwon City Gyeonggi Province.

Another commendable about Korea, is the intricate fusion of cultural preservation and technological advancements. As it is now a home to one of the best electronics show, it also finds itself as a home to several cultural sites, such as the Hwaseong Fortress, conveniently located within the province of Gyeonggi. 

Visit Korea Electronics Show 2011. ;-D

For more details, please visit the following sites:

On SlideShare :

P.S. This is a post to introduce Korea Electronics Show 2011 as an Event. This is an overview of the event invitation, and not a review of the actual event. More information are available on the links provided above. This is my personal take on the company and on the products, hence the subjective remarks are all mine. This serves as my PostnJoy Entry and I may be eligible to receive compensation for this post.
Image Credit: Official Site of Gyeonggi Province


  1. Hi Des, thanks for stopping by Dangzter Online. Why not experience MassKara Festival this October in Bacolod? By the way, I like Korean Teledramas and I'm fascinated how Filipinos are able to dubbed it in our own language! ;-)Glad to know Filipina power is increasing in vB!


  2. I LOVE Korea. I lived there for five years as it happens and miss it with every ounce of my being much of the time! Used to love the electronics shows they had multiple times of the year. So glad to know someone else feels the same! Thanks for stopping by The Organic Blonde!


  3. Thanks Sis! I sure would love to visit Bacolod. I'll mention it to my husband. True, the Korean Culture is very fascinating, Thanks for the add. :)@Jacqueline: Great! It's nice to know of others who share the same love for the cultures. I'm glad to hear that the electronics shows are also popular. :Thanks for the visit. 🙂


  4. i wish we could move our business trip to Korea on October instead of December so I could see the electronics show hehe, hopefully.thanks for dropping by my Delectable Ideas sis *hugs*


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