Etude House Ginkgo Lip Patch

Ginkgo Lip Patch Php 98/pack. Yes, it’s that Beach Babe again, I *heart* her, and it so sunny today anyway! ;-D

I never expected uber dramatic effect to begin with for a one time application mask, so I’m greatly relieved that at least for the 25 minutes that I had it on, I was able to experience slight cooling effect on the area where I applied it, and for that I’m happy.

Patch for the upper lip, and chin area. Soft, jelly like feel, unscented.Β 
Directions in English. πŸ™‚

I’m assuming that you have to apply it on a cleansed and pat dried face. It reminds me of the fever patch, only that usually has a minty scent and feel. The Etude House Ginkgo patch is actually leaves a cooling and refreshing feel on the area. ;-D

Ginkgo, when included as a skincare ingredient, Β is known for its rejuvenating and anti-oxidant benefits, by increasing circulation and boosting collagen formation et al. So yes, it’s very good for the skin. ;-D

Overall, it’s non irritating, and non stinging application. For the momentary, refreshing and pampering feeling while using it, it’s a well spent Php 98 ($2), methinks. Will I repurchase? It’s a safer area to pamper and to test a product’s suitability with your skin type especially on the face and when you’re not sure how suited is the product/brand to oneself. So it seems that the Ginkgo line from Etude House works aptly fine with my skin. I think I’m going for the full face mask next time. But if you want to stretch your purchase to meet the gift with purchase like I did last time with my recent Etude HouseΒ shopping spree, then this is definitely a great add on. ;-D

Please don’t forget my easy peasy to join Korean Cosmetics giveaway. Included in the loot are 2 pcs. Etude House Petit Darling Nail Colors, BB Creams, and more. πŸ˜€

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